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iPay88 Payment Settings

iPay88 supports a variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card and local payment, allowing customers to pay and make purchases at the shop. In this article, you will find out how to set up iPay88 payments. 

You need

  • Go to iPay88 to apply for an iPay88 account
  • Send your iPay88 merchantCode and Request URL= to by email three days in advance
  • Set up the payment method with your iPay88 account in your shop Admin
  • Once payment has been successfully set up, you can use iPay88 to receive payments


1. iPay88 card payment settings

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payments]. Click Select other providers next to "Third-party service providers", then select [iPay88] to enter the setup page.





  • Fill in the iPay88 information - [MerchantCode], [MerchantKey]. Select the supported bank card types, and click [Activate iPay88] at the bottom right to complete the setting.
  • iPay88 card payment supports: Visa, Mastecard, JCB, ChinaUnion


2. iPay88 local payment settings

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payments]. Scroll down and click Add other payment methods, select [iPay88Other] to enter the setup page.





  • Fill in the iPay88Other information - [MerchantCode], [MerchantKey]. Select the supported payment methods, and click [Activate iPay88Other] at the bottom right to complete the setting.
  • e-Wallets supported by iPay88Other Local Payment:     
    Boost Wallet Online GrabPay Online FPX
    Touch 'n Go eWallet Maybank PayQR Online MCash 
    NETS QR Online ShopeePay Online Kiple Online
    Banks supported by FPX payment method:
    Maybank2U Alliance Online (Personal) AmBank
    RHB Bank Hong Leong Bank CIMB Clicks
    Public Bank Bank Rakyat Affin Bank
    BSN Bank Islam UOB Bank
    Bank Muamalat OCBC Bank Standard Chartered Bank
    Maybank2E HSBC Bank Kuwait Finance House
    China UnionPay Online Banking (MYR)    


3. iPay88 FAQs

Q1:What is the maximum, minimum amount and payment currency of iPay88?

A1: Currency: MYR.

Limits: (1) Creditcard: minimum amount is 0.5 MYR (2) ewallet: minimum amount is 0.5 MYR (3) FPX: minimum amount is 1 MYR.

Q2:Does ipay88 support refund?

A2: Card payments are supported for original returns and are only supported for a full one-off refund. Local payments cannot be refunded, and we advise merchants to contact the buyer to initiate a refund by transfer or other means.

Q3:Why does payments fail after successfully activating the payment method?

A3: There are many reasons why payments fail, such as

(1) The merchant has filled in the wrong account parameter information when binding this payment channel in Admin. Please check again

(2) Failure to send the iPay88 merchantCode and Request URL= to by email three days in advance. Please wait or contact iPay88 customer service

(3) Other reasons. If the failed payment occurs many times, please contact SHOPLINE customer service to initiate an unusual transaction investigation process

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