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Connecting to Facebook Leads via "B2B & Wholesale Solution"


The B2B & Wholesale Solution app seamlessly integrates with Facebook (now Meta) by connecting to your lead ad feature. Once you link your Facebook account and the specific fan page with your lead ads, the app automatically retrieves all lead information captured through those ads, centralizing lead management within a user-friendly platform. Follow this guide to learn about the linking process.


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Prerequisites for Connection

Before connecting to your Facebook leads, ensure you have the following:

  • Personal Facebook Account: This account will be used to link the B2B & Wholesale Solution app with your Facebook Page.
  • Admin Access to the Fan Page: You need full control over the settings and content of the Facebook Page that contains your lead ads.
  • Permissions to Manage Ads for the Page: This allows you to create, edit, and run ad campaigns specifically for that Page within Facebook Business Manager.



Steps to Connecting Facebook Leads

Follow these steps to connect your Facebook lead ads with the B2B & Wholesale Solution app:


Connecting Your Facebook Account

  1. In the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, go to Settings > Social media connection and click Connect Facebook account in the "Facebook Marketing" module.

  2. On the authorization page, click Continue as (your name). Then, grant all required permissions and click Done.

    • To successfully connect the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, ensure that all necessary permissions are granted in the permission confirmation page.
    • The B2B & Wholesale Solution app requires access to the connected fan page. Please grant the necessary permissions to enable the app to interact with the corresponding fan page.

  3. Once authorized, you'll be redirected to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app and your linked Facebook account will appear, confirming a successful connection.

Completing the Lead Connection

  1. In the "Facebook page" module, click Add Facebook page.

  2. Select the fan page you’ve authorized for the B2B & Wholesale Solution app and click Connect.


After successful connection, lead data from your Facebook lead ads will be automatically synchronized and displayed in the Explore > Social media section of your B2B & Wholesale Solution app.

  • Currently, only one Facebook fan page can be linked.
  • Unlinking the B2B & Wholesale Solution account on Facebook will not be reflected in the app. To troubleshoot lead sync issues, first check the linking status in the Facebook Business Center. If re-linking is necessary, reauthorize and re-link the accounts.


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