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Importing External Lead Forms

The B2B & Wholesale Solution app enables you to import lead information collected in TikTok and Facebook using a form. This feature allows you to manage leads collected from other platforms in the application in a centralized manner.


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Importing External Lead Forms

  1. In the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, click Leads in the upper tab > Import, and the import form entries pop-up will appear.

  2. Select the type of form you want to import, either the Facebook or TikTok form. Since the two forms are different, you must select the correct form type based on the source. Otherwise, the import may fail.
  • Download the provided reference files, fill in the required information, and import the form to avoid identification issues.
  • Configure up to 20 custom fields (for users) in your lead form.
  • The header characters for custom fields should not exceed 50 characters, and the content filled in the fields should not exceed 1,024 characters. Otherwise, the B2B & Wholesale Solution app automatically truncates the exceeded characters.



Exporting Lead Forms from TikTok and Facebook


  1. Log in to your TikTok Business Center and go to Advertiser accounts > Ads Manager.
    1B2B 导入外部线索表单数据.png

  2. Click Assets > Instant Pages.

  3. Select Instant forms and click Download Leads on the right side of the form you want to export to download the form.

  4. In the pop-up that appears, select Download Now to download the TikTok lead form file.
Note: By default, numbers in the forms imported in WPS Office and Microsoft Office are automatically displayed in scientific notation. If the ID column in the import form is displayed in scientific notation, it can't be successfully imported. To ensure a successful import, switch the number to the regular numeric format.



  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager. In All Tools, select Instant Forms to go to the lead form scheme list.

  2. In the lead form scheme list, click the Download button on the right side of the scheme from which you want to export leads.


Note: Downloaded the lead form file in .csv format instead of .xlxs format, or it can't be successfully imported into the B2B & Wholesale Solution app.


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