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B2B & Wholesale Solution-Link to TikTok Business

Feature Introduction

The B2B & Wholesale Solution app provides you with the ability to interface with lead ads within the TikTok for Business system.  Once linked to TikTok Business account and specific ads account, B2B App will automatically sync leads obtained from all the form ads you have placed under the ads account.

Prep Work

To properly use this function, the following preparations need to be done:

  • Having an available TikTok Business account for logging into the TikTok Business centre.
  • Having administrative access to a specific TikTok ads account.
  • Having ongoing form ads under the ads account.
    • To check the form ads: Ads Manager → Assets → Instant Pagemceclip0.png

Linking Guidance

Enter the B2B & Wholesale Solution app → Social Media Connection → Link to TikTok Business.


Click [Connect TikTok account] to start the authorization process.

  • First, login to your TikTok Business Center accountmceclip2.png
  • Then, select the permissions to be granted to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. Be aware that all the permissions listed on the authorization page need to be granted, otherwise the binding will fail.mceclip3.png
  • After completing the authorisation, the page will automatically jump to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. As shown below, the TikTok Business account has been tied to the app successfully.mceclip4.png
  • Thereafter, an advertising account will need to be selected and the lead data produced by lead forms it has placed will be synced to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. Note: Only one advertising account can be selected at this moment.mceclip5.png
  • The binding process will be completed when the advertising account is selected and successfully connectedmceclip6.png



    When using this app, you will also need to be aware that: 

    • Due to the linking system and method, if you place a new lead ad on the TikTok channel, it will take at least 30 minutes for the B2B & Wholesale Solution app to collect the lead data gathered by the lead ad.
    • Due to the current lack of unbinding event notification in TikTok, if you manually unbind a B2B account in TikTok, the binding status will still be displayed in the B2B plugin, but lead synchronization will not be successful. SHOPLINE recommends that if there is a problem with lead synchronization, please first confirm in the TikTok Business center whether the binding was successful. If you need to continue using SHOPLINE lead integration feature, SHOPLINE recommends that you re-authorize the binding in the B2B plugin.
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