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Integrating TikTok Leads with "B2B & Wholesale Solution"


Leveraging TikTok for B2B lead generation? The B2B & Wholesale Solution app simplifies the process with seamless integration to your TikTok Business system. Once connected, the system automatically fetches leads generated through your TikTok ad campaigns, empowering you to centralize and manage your B2B leads from TikTok within the B2B & Wholesale Solution platform. Follow this comprehensive guide to learn about the integration process.


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Prerequisites for Integration

Before connecting your TikTok Business account and integrating your leads, ensure you have the following:

  • A TikTok Business Account: You'll need a TikTok Business account to log in to TikTok Business Center.
  • An Ad Account with Management Permissions: You’ll need a specific ad account with management permissions within TikTok Business Center. This ad account will manage your launched form ads.
    Note: Visit the Business Help Center to understand the connection between TikTok Business Center and Advertiser Accounts. 

  • Form Ads in Circulation: You can access the launched form ads through Assets > Instant form in your Ads Manager.



Steps to Integrating Tiktok Leads

Follow these steps to integrate your TikTok leads with the B2B & Wholesale Solution app:

  1. In the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, go to Settings > Social media connection and click Connect Tiktok account in the "TikTok Business" module.

  2. Log in to your Business Center account and grant all requested permissions to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. Then, click Confirm.

    Note: Granting all permissions is crucial for successful linking.

  3. Once authorized, you'll be redirected to the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, indicating a successful connection between your TikTok Business account.

  4. Select the ad account you want to synchronize lead data from.

    Note: Currently, only one ad account can be linked.


Once the selected ad account is successfully connected, the linking process is completed.

  • It may take up to 30 minutes for the "B2B & Wholesale Solution" app to receive lead data from newly launched TikTok lead generation ads.
  • Unlinking the B2B & Wholesale Solution account on TikTok will  not be reflected in the B2B & Wholesale Solution app. To troubleshoot lead sync issues, first check the linking status in the TikTok Business Center. If re-linking is necessary, reauthorize and re-link the accounts within the "B2B & Wholesale Solution" plugin.


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