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Facebook Asset Authorization Binding for Smart Ads


Before you start using Smart Ads to advertise on Facebook, make sure to complete the necessary asset authorization binding. This article will guide you through the process of binding asset authorizations before using Smart Ads to launch campaigns on Facebook. It aims to help you prepare effectively for future advertising endeavors.


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Before You Start

Before proceeding with the Facebook asset authorization binding in the Smart Ads system, please make sure that you have prepared the necessary ad assets and have the appropriate management permissions. Check Facebook advertising asset authorization (must do for advertising) here. Once confirmed, you can complete your Facebook asset authorization in the Smart Ads system.



Facebook Asset Authorization Process

You can perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the app store and install Smart Ads.
  2. Click Start Ad Serving to enter the product interface.
  3. In Set up advertising channels, select Facebook and click on Set.
  4. Authorize your Facebook Account: Connect your Facebook account used for ad placement to Smart Ads and grant the system access permissions.
  5. Authorize your Facebook Business Manager: Link your BM used for ad placement to Smart Ads.
  6. Authorize your Facebook Ad Account: Link your account used for ad placement with Smart Ads.
  7. Pixel Settings: Configure tracking and optimization features for ad performance.
  8. Authorize your Facebook Fan Page: Link your Fan Page used for ad placement to Smart Ads.
  9. After completing the binding of your Facebook Account, BM, Ad Account, and Fan Page double-check the asset configurations and click on Save to complete the setup of the Facebook channel.
  10. Connection authorization is done.
  • Currently, Smart Ads only supports the simultaneous binding of up to 3 BMs and 10 Fan Pages.
  • The number of ad accounts should not exceed the maximum limit supported by your subscription plan. The total number of accounts includes both Facebook and Google ad accounts.
  • If you haven't verified your domain or configured events, please avoid toggling the Domain Settings switch. Otherwise, the Smart Ads system may encounter an error.



Facebook Asset Unbinding Process

To cancel the advertising asset authorization, simply go to the Assets section of your Facebook Account and click on Disconnect


  • Once you cancel authorization for your Facebook account, all associated advertising assets will be removed. This means that you will no longer be able to view ad data or manage ads.
  • Once you disconnect your Facebook BM, all associated ad accounts, Fan Pages, Pixels, and other advertising assets will be removed. As a result, you will lose access to ad data and the ability to manage ads.
  • Once you disconnect your Facebook ad account, you will no longer be able to view the previous ad data on the system. If an unbound store rebinds the previous Google Ads account within 30 days, the advertising data previously created in the system for this account can still be viewed after the rebinding. If the store rebinds after 30 days, historical advertising data won’t be available for viewing.
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