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Subscriptions Payments

Subscription-based e-commerce is mainly used in some specific e-commerce categories such as beauty, health care, magazines, pet supplies, etc. and scenarios where customers have periodic purchases. Subscription payment can reduce C-user's multiple order and payment operations, while merchants can increase user stickiness through subscription-based sales, form continuous and stable sales, and better deploy inventory and shipping according to the subscription order situation.



1. SHOPLINE Subscription enables your store to support subscription-based e-commerce sales and completes specified product settlement in 5 minutes and 3 steps.


Merchant A, a seller of flowers, is ready to create a recurring subscription campaign for flowers, with a weekly frequency. Let's look at how Merchant A uses SHOPLINE to create her flower customization plan.

Step 1 Create a subscription plan group and add items.

1.First of all, go to SubscriptionPayment app > click on create a [Subscription plan group] and rename the plan at the top of the page.

2.The next step is to add products. A subscription plan can include a single item or multiple items. The [Effective product list] shows the items added to this subscription plan, and in the list, you can add and delete products depending on your sales.

Step 2 Set subscription rules:

1. Subscription period: Set the subscription cycle times, i.e. the number of shipments in a subscription cycle.

2. Discount Settings: Click on [Open discount], and set the discount compared with one time purchases, to attract customers to subscription purchases.

3. Subscription plan options: Set different subscription cycle frequency, including 15 days, 4 weeks, 3 months, 1 year, etc. Set the appropriate purchase frequency according to the type of store products to meet the different requirements of customers for consumption cycles.

Step3: Set the component styling and E-mail in Settings

1. Component styling: There are 3 subscription component styles for different theme styles and selling methods. Style 1 is suitable for many purchase options and Style 2 or Style 3 is suitable for a few purchase options.

2. E-Mail settings: You can send automated emails to customers to ensure that they know the order information and increase customer loyalty. It is also possible to set up automated emails for feedback to merchants to facilitate real-time follow-up with customers.

Now, you have successfully completed the subscriptions payments settings. Let’s check how subscription button takes effect in the customer panel:

When customer B want to buy a bundle of flowers in the 

Customer B wanted to buy a bouquet of flowers from the E-commerce. He browsed and saw the subscription payment option on the product detail page, so Customer B decided to send himself a bouquet of flowers every month, where he chose a 6-month subscription period and a subscription frequency of once a mont. After placing the order successfully, Customer B received the subscription contract email. For each subsequent month's order, he will receive the order creation and order shipment emails for that month, no different from the normal order emails.

After the customer has placed an order, let's look at how to view and manage the subsequent order data:

1.Overall data module in the Home page

You can view the data of  [Number Of Order], [GMV], [Number of subscription contracts], and [Subscriber], which is based on the data generated by the subscription model, to help you master the overall business situation.

2. Detailed data of order

If you want to view a particular contract, click on the [Subscription contract], you can directly view the Product details, Customer Information, Subscription plan,  Order history and other basic information. If the customer's next order has been adjusted, you can directly change the order creation date in [Next Order], create an order immediately or skip this order.

For other orders that are associated with this subscription contract, the contract details page will display a list of associated orders. Merchants can click on the [Order Number] to jump to the admin page and view the order details.

3.How to check and manage the customers?

Go to [Client] > you can view the name, shipping address and payment method in the left side. On the right side, all the subscription contracts of this customer, including [Status], [Next order time], etc. are displayed in this area, which is convenient for merchants to view and manage the contract status of a certain customer in a unified manner.

4.Test before using this app

After setting and creating the subscription payments, you can place a real test order in the store to generate a subscription contract and subscription order after payment.


You can manage the subscription contract and subscription order in the Subscription contract.

You can click on [Create an order now] in the subscription contract, where you will find that the order will be created automatically without the customer confirming payment. 

After completing the test, the subscription order can be refunded like a normal order, and the subscription contract can be canceled to avoid subsequent automatic order creation and deduction.


1.Can subscriptions be stacked with other store discounts, etc.?

Subscriptions can be stacked with store discount codes in the first subscription order, but cannot be compatible with automatic discounts, limited-time promotions, member prices, pre-sale prices, distribution prices, etc. on the shopping cart page. Subsequent orders generated by the automatic fulfillment of the subscription contract will not be discounted.

2.Is it compatible with other apps?

Currently, subscription payment is compatible with POD - Product Customization, Add-to-cart plugin for contact lens, and B2B & Wholesale Solution. If you have other apps that need to be compatible, please contact CS or Sales to put forward the corresponding requirements.

3.What happens to the subscription contract if the store is frozen or closed?

If a store is frozen or closed, the subscription contract will be cancelled and orders will not be generated. The contract status will not be restored after the store status becomes norma, which require you to pay attention to the subscription contract that not completed.

4.Why can't I place a purchase order at the store after setting up a subscription?

If you set the subscription payments app, the store must have opened three payment channels that support subscription payment, namely PayPal, SHOPLINE Payment and Stripe, and must open the subscription payment embed in the theme editor.

Note: PayPal payment channels need to apply for account subscription receiving permission at PayPal. Refer detailed information to the “3.PayPal subscription debit permission application guidelines”.

5.Why is the price of the subscription products different between the product details page and the settlement page?

The product detailed page is only based on the current sales price for the calculation of the subscription discount, while the settlement page price will be based on the current purchase of all the goods and stacks with other discount, also includes shipping, taxes and other costs of calculation.

6.Why is the actual amount of the subscription order different from the subscription amount shown in the subscription contract?

The actual order will be calculated according to the address and shipping rules, taxes and other real-time order amounts.

7.When the product is taken off the shelf or out of stock and other states, it will cause the subscription contract to fail to create an orderautomatically.

After failing to creat the order, there will be an email to remind you and your customer to modify the inventory or status of the goods according to the results of the error. Then it will automatically retry the order (a total of 5 times of automatically orders reation; each order created after 5 hours; the order creation started from 0:00).


3. PayPal subscription debit permission application guidelines (RT permission application)

1.Necessary information (Merchant information):

Name (the name that registered for the PayPal)

Store URL (the website URL of the store)

Estimated monthly sales GMV through PayPal channel

Customers number (the customer number of the shop)

2. Suggesting answer for questions that need to be understood by PayPal

Question 1: What does the merchant intend to do through PayPal’s subscription debit?

---Suggesting answer: Describe the products that the store sells, and explain that the store sells by subscription sales to support customers to make subscription-based purchases without repeated payments. You can also add other relevant descriptions of store business and benefits of using the subscription debit capability based on the actual store situation.

Question 2: Whether the customer purchase requires confirmation each time or automatically processed without customer participation?

---Suggesting answer:  Automatically processed without customer involvement.

Question 3: Is this service used in the website or integrated in the mobile application (APP), or both?

---Suggested answer: Generally SHOPLINE merchants use it only in their website. But merchants can answer according to reality.

Question 4: Whether integrated through other payment service providers (e.g. worldpay or Ingenious)?

--- Suggested answer: No, SHOPLINE merchants are not integrated through other payment service providers, answer no.

3. Specific application process

1. Login to PayPal account on the official website of PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/contact-us). Then leave the message in the message us place.


2.PayPal will reply E-mail after receiving the request, or push notification in the message center of PayPal. The merchant need to reply after receiving message.

3.After receiving merchant message, it takes PayPal 7-10 days to evaluation and review. You can communicate with PayPal via email for specific details.


4.PayPal official reply reference

For enabling Reference Transactions in Live, Merchants can contact PayPal via their PayPal account and speak to an agent who will submit a request on their behalf.


Instructions for Merchants is mentioned below:


Just log in to your PayPal account on the PayPal app or a web browser, go to your Message Center and select New Message.

After PayPal receives this message, you will be asked for the info below:

Business information:

Business name

Business URL

Current/anticipated monthly sales via PayPal only

Number of repeat customers

Integration information:

Please describe what do you intend to use the product for?

Do you your buyers need to initiate each subsequent payment themselves or are they processed automatically without any customer involvement?

Will this service be enabled within your website, mobile app integration or both?

Are you integrating through another payment service provider, such as Worldpay or Ingenico?

Once PayPal confirms receipt of the above information, your application may take 7 to 10 days to be assessed. Please be aware that PayPal may require more information once your application is being processed.

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