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Customer Segments

Customer segmentation can help you grouping customers based on specific characteristics. You can filter and group customers through simple intersections (using AND) between conditions or characteristics, or using complex filters of intersections (using AND), unions (using OR), and exclusions (using NOT) between conditions or characteristics. You can apply these customer segments to other discount features such as automatic discounts and discount codes, you can create campaigns for specific customer segments. 


Some of these features are still under grey box testing. If you cannot see the button to create segment in your template in customer page, please contact us to enable permissions for you.


1. Segmentation templates

2. Search for customers that meet specific criteria

3. Create customer segment

4. Select a segment to find customers


1. Segmentation templates

You can find the pop-up window of segmentation templates through "Customers" - "Templates",  or through "Customers" - "More Filters" - "Templates".

After you opened this pop-up window, you can access more features by clicking any of the following buttons:

1.1 Quick filter

When you click "Quick filter" button, you can use this filter criteria in the segmentation template, and find customers who meet this specific criteria in the customer list.

Note: Some templates with complex criteria do not support "quick filter" features now.

1.2 Create segment

When you click "Create segment" button, you can build your own customer segment with same criteria. 

1.3 Create blank segment

If you want to build your customer segment based on customize criteria, you can click "Blank segment" button.



2. Search for customers that meet specific criteria

If you want to filter customers by yourself, you can go to Customers page, and use those default segmentation templates, then click "Save" to save these criteria as a new customer segment. 



3. Create customer segment

Whether use the default template or create new customer segment, you will go to "Create Segment" page.

  • On the left hand side of this page, all conditions that can be used for customer segmentation and filtering are shown, including customer email domain, customer added date, number of orders, amount spent and more.
  • In the middle of the page are the conditions that have been selected, each condition is belong to a condition group:
    • You can select conditions on the left hand side and add them into the selected groups, or drag those conditions into selected groups;
    • Different conditions can combine as following ways:
      • A condition group is composed of different conditions, the relationship between different conditions in each group can be either "AND" or "OR"
      • The relationship between different groups can be "AND" or "OR" or "NOT"
        • Note: only the last group can be set as "NOT"
  • On the right hand side of the page, you can click "Calculate", it will calculate number of customers that match the specific criteria in the page
  • When you confirmed the conditions or criteria, you can enter a name for the segment and Save this customer segment. Your new customer segment will be displayed in the segments list, you can find it in the Customers page and customers who match the criteria are automatically included in this customer segment.



4. Select a segment to find customers

You can go to Customers page, select a customer segment and find out customers who match the criteria.

  • If this customer segment can be created from "More Filters", then you can edit this customer segment in Customers page. You can add more conditions in this page.
  • If this customer segment can only be created from "Customer Segment" page, then you cannot edit this customer segment in Customers page, which means you cannot add more conditions in this page. 


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