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Guide to Smart Reply Assistant

Smart Reply Assistant can make a difference when you are away on holidays or otherwise occupied. It can automatically reply to customers' questions, helping them obtain information, solve problems and address needs. 


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Introduction to Smart Reply Assistant



Smart Reply Assistant is a tool designed to enhance response efficiency by automatically replying to customer messages. It offers features such as automatic replies to keywords, shopping guidance, question and answer functionalities, and reply suggestions. By enabling Smart Reply Assistant, you can save time and promptly address customer inquiries, thereby enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.


This tool is particularly useful for processing online customer service conversations. It can handle frequently asked questions, resolve customer issues, and provide basic technical support.


Additionally, Smart Reply Assistant can assist in managing social media accounts by automatically responding to private messages, providing essential information, and engaging with customers, thereby maintaining an active social media presence.




Smart Reply Assistant Setup Procedures


  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Messages > Chat Assistant > Go to settings.

  2. Click on Smart Reply Assistant.

  3. Turn on the toggle of Smart Reply Assistant.

  4. You can customize the conditions for enabling the assistant according to your needs, focusing on Chat open hours and Social channels.
  • Chat open hours refer to the time period during which Smart Reply Assistant is active. To set up chat open hours as follows: Go to Chat Assistant > Chat open hours > Add chat open hours, and select a time zone, name the option, select effective working days, and set working hours, click confirm after setting the time, and then hit save. 


  • Only the connected social channels are selectable.


After completing the settings, click Save.



Smart Reply Content

The generation process of the Smart Reply Assistant's response content is algorithm-based. It processes and analyzes the content sent by customers, then matches it in the content library to generate intelligent replies. You can set up content in the Content Library, create auto reply rules, and also integrate ChatGPT into reply suggestions. You can find other adjustable options in the same menu. 


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