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Smart Reply Assistant

Smart Reply Assistant setup procedure


1. Entrance

Navigate to [Message Center > Facebook Messenger Settings > Chat Assistant > Smart Reply Assistant].


2. Enable and disable

The default settings of the Smart Reply Assistant is switched off. You can toggle on to enable the feature.


3. Applicable channels

On the Smart Reply Assistant page, you can select the applicable channels, which mainly include three sales channels: LIVE, POST, and Message Center. It supports selecting multiple channels at the same time.


4. Condition settings


While setting the conditions, you can enable them for the Smart Reply Assistant in the different sales channels. For example, you can set different conditions for LIVE and Message Center. The conditions mainly include working hours and social channels.


5. Working hours

The working hours is the time period during which the Smart Reply Assistant works. The time period in the list of working hours is mainly the working time you set in [Working Hours]. You can select multiple time periods.


6. Social channel settings


Social channels mainly include channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram. You can select the options in the dropdown list and multiple selections are supported.


7. Save changes


After the setting is completed, you can click [Save Settings] to save the changes.


If you leave the current editing page when you have edited the content but have not clicked [Save], a pop-up window will appear to confirm whether you want to discard the changes.