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Smart Feed - Google Feed Sensitive Word Filter


The information below is related to the Smart Feed Sensitive Word Filter. The Sensitive Word Filter is an important tool used to filter and manage sensitive words in product information, to ensure compliance with ads, and to protect brand image.

The product is filtered and not synchronized to the GMC if there are sensitive words in the product title or product description.

Smart Feed - Google Feed Sensitive Word Filter
English Simplified Chinese Chinese Traditional
fake 虚假,假冒,假的,冒充,冒牌 虛假,假冒,假的,冒充,冒牌
mask 口罩,面罩 口罩,面罩
gun 枪,枪支 槍,槍支
drugs 毒品 毒品
weapons 武器,兵器 武器,兵器
ammunition 弹药,军火 彈藥,軍火
explosive 爆炸 爆炸
fireworks 烟火,焰火 煙火,焰火
tobacco 烟草,烟叶 煙草,煙葉
hacking 非法侵入,黑客,黑入 非法侵入,駭客,黑入
cheating 欺诈,作弊,欺骗 欺詐,作弊,欺騙
bullying 欺凌,欺侮,欺辱,威吓,恐吓 欺淩,欺侮,欺辱,威嚇,恐嚇
murder 谋杀 謀殺
spy 密探,间谍,窥视,窥探 密探,間諜,窺視,窺探
LV 路易威登,路易·威登,LV 路易威登,路易·威登,LV
Gucci 古驰,古琦,Gucci 古馳,古琦,Gucci
Prada 普拉达,Prada 普拉達,Prada
fake Nike 假冒Nike,假冒耐克,冒牌NIke,冒牌耐克,NIke A货,耐克 A货,耐克仿品,NIke仿品,仿冒NIke,仿冒耐克 假冒Nike,假冒耐克,冒牌NIke,冒牌耐克,NIke A貨,耐克 A貨,耐克仿品,NIke仿品,仿冒NIke,仿冒耐克
Adidas 阿迪达斯 愛迪達
pirated disk 盗版碟,盗版光碟,盗版光盘 盜版碟,盜版光碟,盜版光碟
weapons 武器,武装 武器,武裝
violence 暴力,侵犯,暴恐 暴力,侵犯,暴恐
alcohol 酒,酒精 酒,酒精
danger 危险,危险物,威胁 危險,危險物,威脅
explosion 爆炸,引爆 爆炸,引爆
direct sale 直销 直銷
Note: Smart Feed updates and maintains the system's sensitive word filter in real time according to the requirements of Google's advertising policy and the experience of professional media buyers. Smart Feed - Google Feed Sensitive Word Filter does not represent the official position of Google.
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