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Upgrading Your Smart Landing Pages to Version 3.0 (For SHOPLINE OS 2.1 Themes)


The Smart Landing Page app now supports themes from SHOPLINE OS 2.1, offering a chance to refresh your landing pages with a new look and potentially boost performance.

However, there's a catch: Landing pages built with older themes (OS 2.0 or earlier) are considered version 2.0, while those created with the new OS 2.1 themes fall under version 3.0. To ensure optimal functionality, your landing pages need to match the theme version.

This guide will show you how to upgrade your version 2.0 pages to the latest 3.0 for a seamless transition.


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Upgrading Your Landing Pages



  • Your store must be using themes from SHOPLINE OS 2.1.
  • You'll be upgrading version 2.0 pages built with older themes.


  1. Go to Apps > Smart Landing Page in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

  2. Access the Page management tab. The system will automatically identify any version 2.0 pages and mark them as Version 2.0 Disabled. These are the pages eligible for upgrade.

  3. Click on the Upgrade page button for the pages you want to upgrade. 

  4. A confirmation window will appear. Click Upgrade version to finalize the upgrade. 

    Note: Consider creating backups of your version 2.0 pages by checking the Backup Low Version Page option if needed.

  5. After the upgrade, you'll be automatically directed to the page editor for version 3.0. Take this opportunity to review the page and make any necessary adjustments to suit the new theme. 

  6. Once you're satisfied, click Publish to save the changes.


  • Upgrading from version 2.0 to 3.0 is a one-way process. There's no option to revert the page to version 2.0 after the upgrade. 
  • Be aware that some components and features specific to version 2.0 might not be available after upgrading to version 3.0. If you encounter any issues, reach out to SHOPLINE customer service for assistance.


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