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Smart Feed Installation and Asset Binding

This article intends to provide detailed instructions on Smart Feed installation and asset binding. Smart Feed is a powerful tool that helps you easily manage and optimize product data, and upload the data to GMC and other multi-media channels, hence to display your products on advertising platforms.


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Introduction to Feed

Feed is a file. It contains a list of products that you intend to promote through Google Merchant Center.

The purpose of advertising is to communicate product information more effectively, so as to attract customer orders at your stores. Such a series of relevant information on products is collectively called “Feed”.

Smart Feed is a feed management tool of SHOPLINE, which synchronizes store and product information to advertising platforms to enable the match between products in store and products being advertised. In this way, highly dynamic product information is used to create advertising campaigns, hence increasing views and order conversion of products at the store, and generating high-quality product feeds for Google.



Introduction to Smart Feed Functions

Real-Time Automatic Updating of Product Information in Feeds

In comparison with the 24-hour manual update of traditional feed tools, Smart Feed is connected to products in store’s admin panel for automatic updates in real time, which greatly improves the upload efficiency of feeds and streamlines the overall business process.

In traditional operations, you need to manually synchronize products to GMC after you edit the products from your admin panel. There will be a large delay in this period, and the operations are labor-intensive and time-consuming. If the information edited is critical, such as price changes, this kind of delay poses a serious impact on store operation.

The automatic synchronization of Smart Feed in real time can meet the ever-changing needs of yours. There is no need to worry about missed steps or upload efficiency. You are rest assured that information in your store’s admin panel is consistent with that in GMC.


Data for the Custom Product Attribute Field and Rules

In the Google Shopping section, the more complete product information is displayed, the more likely it attracts customers. Therefore, feed tools should support more comprehensive field editing.

With Smart Feed, you can edit the product attribute fields more flexibly and comprehensively, hence to effectively upload product information to Google Merchant Center, which contributes to product communication afterwards.

Previous feedback shows that missing key field information not only undermines order conversion, but also results in regulatory risks. Such fields, including product type, SEO title and description, and shipping weight, are addressed by Smart Feed. It also supports 61 product attribute fields including title, description, and custom tags, so that you can optimize product information and generate higher-quality product feeds.


Intelligent Filtering and Diagnosis Reduce the Risk of Account Blocking

Where a large number of product SKUs and complicated rules exist, it will take quite some time to pinpoint the issue and make adjustments should an upload fails.

This is a frequently seen and inevitable situation in real life, which requires large efforts and greatly reduces the processing efficiency. Frequent failures can easily trigger rules and expose to the risk of account blocking.

Smart Feed offers an intelligent filtering function to ensure the compliance of uploaded products. Smart Feed filters non-compliant product information in the store’s admin panel according to the requirements of uploading media (such as Google, Pinterest, and TikTok), hence to ensure the compliance of uploaded products and avoid the risk of account blocking due to violations.

Apart from smart filtering, the Smart Feed Diagnosis Center can also diagnose your store in advance before uploading the feed, provide timely guidance and suggestions, and keep you from energy loss resulting from upload failures.


Batch Editing Improves OperationalOperation Efficiency

In the operation of cross-border e-commerce, strategy adjustment is quite common. However, if it is stuck in the product step, operation efficiency will be seriously impacted.

For example, for many holiday events in a row, different discounts and descriptions apply, and manually changing all this information would be very troublesome.

Smart Feed supports batch modification of product attribute fields. Whether it is a batch modification for holiday promotion or batch supplements for field errors and omissions, you can optimize easily with Smart Feed, saving a lot of time for repeated editing and improving operational efficiency.


Supporting Multi-Channel Management Including Pinterest and TikTok

In addition to the mainstream Google channel, more and more merchants want to try advertising on Pinterest, TikTok, and other platforms. However, due to the lack of a professional feed tool, it is difficult to create directory ads.

Smart Feed supports generating feed uploads in the XML format for Pinterest and TikTok channels. With Smart Feed being the tool, you can upload multi-channel feeds and manage them all together.



Smart Feed Installation Process

1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps > Go to App Store to enter the SHOPLINE App Store.

2. In the App Store, search for Smart Feed. Open the app details, click Install to authorize and install the app.Smart Feed Installation 01.png



Smart Feed Asset Authorization

You can perform the following steps:

1. Go to Smart Feed.

2. Click Setting > Media channel authorization > Google authorization.
Smart Feed Installation 02.png

3. Click Connect Google account.
Smart Feed Installation 03.png

4. Select the Google account you want to authorize.

5. Click Connect to GMC.
Smart Feed Installation 04.png

6. Authorization and binding are successful.

Notes: Before using Smart Feed, you need to bind your Google account and GMC to Smart Feed, so that you can synchronize product feeds. Connect your Google account to Smart Feed. During the authorization process, make sure that you check the permissions to manage AdWords campaigns and manage product details and accounts on Google Shopping.



Smart Feed System Settings

You can also fill in your contact information in the settings for information reception in future (optional).

Click Setting > System settings to complete system settings. In this section, you can set the following:

  • System time zone
  • Phone number: This phone number will be used for receiving system messages.
  • Email address: This email address will be used for receiving system messages.
    Smart Feed Installation 05.png
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