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How to Upgrade Feed Plugin to Smart Feed

This article provides a detailed guide on upgrading the Feed plugin to Smart Feed. Smart Feed is a powerful tool designed to enhance your product feed management and optimization capabilities.


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  1. Install any SHOPLINE-owned Feed plugin and bind the assets.
  2. Ensure there are existing created feeds in the list of the Feed plugin.



Upgrade Guide

You can perform the following steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps > Go to App Store in the left toolbar to access the SHOPLINE App Store.
  2. In the App Store, search for Smart Feed. Open the app details, click Install, and authorize the installation.
  3. Once installed, open the Smart Feed plugin's Feed interface, click New feed, select Google, and then click Add feed.
  4. Choose the historical feeds you want to migrate from the SHOPLINE-Google channel (previously created feeds), then click Adopt rules and create to complete the feed migration process.
  • It is recommended to select all historical feeds. If you need to trigger this pop-up again, uninstall and reinstall Smart Feed.

After this migration, feeds created by the previous Feed plugin will no longer be updated.


Upgrade Feed Plugin to Smart Feed.png




  1. After installing and using the Smart Feed plugin, the feed synchronization plugin for the SHOPLINE-Google channel will stop pushing product data to GMC. The relevant product interface will guide you to create and manage feeds in Smart Feed.
  2. Uninstalling the Smart Feed plugin will adjust the feeds in the plugin to a deleted status, but it won't affect the GMC product status.
  3. Reinstalling the Smart Feed plugin allows you to migrate and synchronize feeds for the SHOPLINE-Google channel as needed.
  4. Once migration is complete, feeds created in the Google section will stop updating but won't be deleted.
  5. This won't impact your GMC product information, but the migration process may take some time for Smart Feed to retrieve your GMC product information. Therefore, there might be a temporary mismatch between the number of products displayed on Smart Feed and GMC. Please be patient. The GMC products are not affected; it's just that the plugin hasn't received the information yet (the retrieval time varies based on the number of products, typically ranging from 5 to 60 minutes; reference duration: under normal circumstances, 10,000 SPUs take approximately 15 minutes).



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