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What is automatic migration rule?

Through automation settings, automatic migration can help you to migrate new products in the channel store to SHOPLINE store in time.

Once enabled, system will automatically migrate products outside of draft box to SHOPLINE store at 08:00 in the timezone of UTC/GMT+09:00 and 18:00.

  • Attention:
  • 1. Products in the draft box will not be migrated automatically.
  • 2. Migrated products will not be migrated again.


1. Enable automatic migration

Go to [Product] > [Settings], enable [Automatic migration for Shopee products].



2. Set migration rule

When clicked button to enable the function, pop-up window [Set migration rule] will be displayed; you need to tick Shopee store and specific SHOPLINE location for the automatic migration.

  • Note: When the SHOPLINE location in the rule is deleted, it will be automatically filled into the first SHOPLINE location.



3. Modify migration rule

Migration rules will be listed below the card [Automatic product migration] once they are successfully set.

Click [Modify rule] to modify current rules.



4. View product migration status

In the Shopee [Product] interface, you can see product migration status in the column [Migrated] as [Yes] and [Not].

  • Note: products of both manual and automatic migration will be recognized as [Migrated] products.
  • Note: In the SHOPLINE product list, products that have been moved from SHOPLINE to shopee will also be considered "Migrated".


In the product interface, you can filter [Migrated] or [Not migrated] in various pages except [Draft box] page.



5. Disable automatic migration

Go to [Product] > [Settings], disable [Automatic migration for Shopee products]. Once disabled, product migration rules will be cleared.