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Transferring Inventory


Inventory transfer helps you record, track, and receive the incoming inventory between locations in your store and provides the following inventory management methods:

  • You can maintain real-time tracking of inventory as it moves between different locations.
  • You have the flexibility to specify whether you have received all or part of the inventory. This allows you to manage your stock receipt schedule according to your operational needs, ensuring that inventory updates align with actual deliveries.
  • Once you confirm receipt of goods in a transfer, your product stock levels are automatically updated. This automated process eliminates the need for manual stock adjustments, ensuring that your inventory records are accurate.
  • You can view detailed information about incoming transfers in the product details section, and by clicking through, you can view the incoming quantities and their expected arrival dates.


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Enabling Inventory Tracking

Enabling product inventory tracking allows for automatic updates to available stock quantities at the respective location when you receive a transfer that includes that item.

You can perform the following steps to enable automatic inventory update:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Products to go to the product list. Click the name of the product you want to track to enter the product details page.
    1-1 product list.png

  2. Under the Inventory section, enable Track quantity with orders. If the product has multiple variants, click on the one you want to track and then enable this option. If you want to allow customers to continue purchasing the product when it is sold out, enable Continue selling when out of stock.
    1-2 enable tracking and oversale.png

  3. Under the Store locations section, enter the quantity information for each location. For more information on the different inventory statuses, please refer to Managing Inventory.
    1-3 modify inventory.png

  4. Click Save.


Creating Inventory Transfers

If you have multiple locations, you can track and receive incoming inventory between locations by creating inventory transfers in SHOPLINE.

Follow the steps below to create inventory transfers:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Products > Transfer. This page displays all your transfers. Click Create a transfer.
    2-1 create transfer.png

  2. Add locations: In the Shipping origin field, select the location from which inventory is transferred from. In the Destination field, select the location to receive the inventory.
    2-2 add locations.png

  3. In the Add product section, click the Select items button and select the products and variants that you want to transfer in the pop-up window..
    2-3 select products.png

  4. After selecting the products, specify the quantity of each item in the transfer. If the entered quantity exceeds the inventory in the shipping location, the inventory at that location becomes negative after the transfer is created.
    2-4 specify quantity.png

  5. Delivery information (optional): Enter Estimated delivery date, Tracking number, and Carrier.
  6. Click Add.
  7. This transfer is now in Draft status. From the list, click into this transfer and click the Marked as “To pick up” button in the upper right corner, it will be ready for receiving the transfer.
    2-7 Marked as “To pick up”.png


Receiving Inventory Transfers

When inventory arrives, using the transfer process ensures that you receive all expected goods accurately. Receiving inventory signifies that the items have arrived at your location (destination), you have assessed them, and you have made a decision to either accept or reject the items based on their condition and accuracy.

When you accept items during a transfer, the quantities of these items are added to your inventory at the destination. This update is reflected on your inventory management page, indicating an increase in available stock. The system automatically adjusts to reflect the new stock levels, ensuring that your inventory is up-to-date and accurately represented.

If items are rejected during the transfer process due to issues such as damage or inaccuracies (e.g., wrong items sent), these items will not affect your inventory levels. The quantities of the rejected items do not change in your inventory system, ensuring that your stock records remain accurate and only include items that are in sellable condition and correctly delivered.

Ensure that you have enabled Track quantity with orders for products and their variants.

If you receive additional items from the shipping location that were not expected in your original inventory transfer, you can add them in the Add product section.

You can perform the following steps to receive an inventory transfer:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Products > Transfer, then click the transfer you want to receive.
    3-1 Transfers list.png

  2. Confirm the quantity of products in the transfer and click Receive to enter the receiving page.
    3-2 Receive button.png

  3. On this page, you can click Receive all transfers, Reject all transfers, or enter the quantities under the Received and Rejected columns (e.g., damaged products) as needed. If you receive more or less quantity than what was included in the original transfer and you have decided to accept them, simply fill in the actual quantity under Received.
    3-3 receipt details.png

  4. Click Update and the inventory quantity will adjust based on the quantity you received.



Calculating Inventory

If you have enabled inventory tracking, ensure that you understand the counting and tracking method when receiving goods from the shipping location. The number of incoming goods will change based on the quantity received (whether marked as "Received" or "Rejected").

For example, suppose you wanted to transfer 10 items of a product, you ordered 10, and received 7 of them. If you mark 4 of them as Received and 3 as Rejected, then there will be 3 items under Incoming. This is because, although 3 of the items you received did not meet your expectations (the 3 you marked as Rejected), you have indeed received a total of 7 quantities originally ordered.



Withdrawing Transfers

If there are errors in creating transfers or receiving goods, you can delete transfers, adjust received quantities, or manually adjust inventory level to correct the errors.

Follow the steps below to withdraw a transfer:

  1. For unreceived transfers: If you have yet to receive any inventory for the transfer, access the specific transfer form on the Transfer page and make the necessary changes.
    • To adjust the quantity, manually enter the correct quantity in the Inventory quantity column under the Add product section.
      4-1-1 adjust the quantity.png

    • To delete products from the transfer, click the delete button next to the product you want to remove, then click Update.
      4-1-2 delete items.png

    • To delete the entire transfer, click the red Delete transfer.button in the lower left corner.
      4-1-3 delete transfer.png

  1. For accepted transfers: If you have already received any inventory from a transfer, including Partially received transfers, you cannot delete or adjust the quantity in the transfer. If  you no longer expect to receive the remaining items and wish to cancel them, access the transfer you want to modify and click Receive. On the receiving page, click Reject all transfers to reject all the remaining quantities that have yet to be received. After you click Update, the transfer is marked as Completed, and the incoming quantity for the product will be adjusted accordingly.
    4-2 reject transfer.png

Note: If your shipping origin is also a valid store location and you need to change the inventory quantity, you can manually adjust the inventory under the inventory section of the product details page.


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