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Setting up Automatic Domain Redirect


You can use automatic redirects to send visitors to specific regional domains or subfolders based on their location. For example, if you locate US visitors with a .com domain and Canadian visitors with a  .ca  domain, Canadian visitors will be automatically redirected to a URL with a .ca domain.

Once turned on, your store will use a temporary redirect between URLs. This temporary redirect allows search engines to discover and index all of your URLs.

Note: To comply with local regulations, customers located in the EU will not be automatically redirected. For EU customers, we recommend using the Geolocation Redirects App. This will suggest the most suitable country or region based on their language and location.


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Setting up Automatic Domain Redirects

Once you turn on automatic redirect, visitors to your online store will be redirected to regional domains or subfolders based on their location.

You can also add a country/region selector to your online store to allow customers to manually switch between languages and currencies. If your template does not have a country/region selector, you can add one by using the free Geolocation Redirects App or other country/region selector apps that support SHOPLINE Markets.

To set up automatic domain redirect, follow these steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Markets.
  2. Go to Preference settings.
  3. In the Domains section, select Domain/Subfolder redirection.
  4. Click Update to save the setting.
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