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The Store's Access Speed Report


The speed of an online store refers to the loading time of different pages of the store. Online store speed affects the shopping experience and conversion rate of customers. Go to Analytics > Reports > Actions > View all > Store's access speed to view the scores of your store.


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Online Store Speed Report

The report shows how your store’s speed score has changed over the past 7 days or 30 days. The speed refers to the loading time of different pages of the store. Your operations for the store may affect the score, such as installing or uninstalling apps, changing templates, and adding media files.

A fast online store speed brings a good shopping experience to customers. If the speed is too slow, customers may not be able to smoothly browse the store, resulting in leaving without purchasing. An optimized online store speed for your store will improve the shopping experience for customers and possibly increase the store conversion rate.


Store Speed Score

Your speed score is rated based on Google Lighthouse Performance Metrics and only indicates the speed at the time of measurement. The score will be calculated every day. Due to the score calculation method, your score will not immediately change after you change the settings of your online store. If your store is a new store or password-protected, or there is no sufficient traffic, a score may not be available.


Features and Speed of Online Stores

An online store is a set of features, such as template codes, apps, images, videos, carousels, and Instagram sources. These features can improve the overall customer experience and expand the functions of the online store.

Each feature that you add to the online store requires network and hardware resources. Some features require more resources than others. Adding features may have a significant impact on the online store speed. There are multiple factors affecting the online store speed, such as the type of app, third-party libraries and services, template codes, and the quantity and size of images and videos.



Score Calculation

Your score is the weighted average value of the Lighthouse performance scores on the following pages: Home page of the store, the details page and the product collection page with the highest traffic in the past seven days. The Lighthouse report runs on the desktop version of these pages.

The online store speed score is the average of the Lighthouse performance scores for multiple days. The reason is that the performance score of each test may slightly differ, and thus the average value of multiple days can better indicate the overall performance of the store. If your store is a new store or you have just deleted the password for the page, your score may be inaccurate. To view the score of each page type, click the View calculation method of speed score drop-down list.

If you do not have a product collection page, product details page, or home page, or there is no traffic for a certain page type, no data will be available for the score of that page. The online store speed score calculation only uses the available pages and their weight. There is no negative impact on your scores.

To run the Lighthouse report on specific product collection pages, product pages, or the home page used for calculation, click View calculation method of speed score and click View analysis for diverted analysis.



Scores Changing with Time

In the loaded online store speed report, the diagram displays the scores for the past seven days. You can use the date range selector to change the date range.

The report includes a diagram and a table. The diagram is used to track the scores of a period, and the table lists the historical scores and the number of app installations and uninstallations.

App installations and uninstallations may affect your speed scores. You can click the sidebar to view the list of installed or uninstalled apps. If your score decreases after you install an app, consider evaluating the app to check whether the functions of the app have an impact on the store speed.

The speed score may not be provided every day. Empty areas in the diagram and table indicate the missing speed scores.



Why Do My Stores Have No Scores?

If your online store is a new store or password-protected, Lighthouse cannot access it and run the report. You need to delete the password-protected pages so that Lighthouse can collect their data to generate scores.

In the past seven days, there may be no visits to your home page, product collection pages, or product details pages.

In the past seven days, if there have been fewer than 50 visitors to your online store, SHOPLINE cannot generate the speed report.

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