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Compatibility Instructions for Product Customizer Application and SHOPLINE's Market Feature


SHOPLINE has recently introduced the Market feature, which has compatible logic with product customization for specific scenarios. Please refer to the following information for details.


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Compatibility Instructions

If you have set the Customization cost excluded from the discount option for your store, please do not set a fixed market price for custom items. Otherwise, there may be a price discrepancy between the displayed price on the product page and the price shown on the cart page after adding the product.

If your store has selected the Customization cost included with discount option, or if you have not set a fixed market price for custom items, the above situation will not occur. 

You can go to Customized product > Settings > Discount settings to view more information.

Compatibility Instructions 1.png

Compatibility Instructions 2.png

  1. What is Markets?
    Markets is a solution introduced by SHOPLINE for merchants to sell products on the global market from a site. You can access it at the SHOPLINE admin panel > Settings > Markets.
  2. What is Fixed Price?
    Fixed Price is a feature provided by the Market that allows you to set specific prices for your products in a particular market without being influenced by currency exchange rates or price fluctuations. You can access it to find the relevant feature by going to the SHOPLINE admin panel > Settings > Markets > Manage > Products and Pricing.



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