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Carrier Services

Carriers are essential for delivering your customer orders. Most carriers allow you to drop off packages or arrange for pickup from your location. They can also collect shipments from any warehouse or fulfillment provider you engage. 

At checkout, you can charge the exact shipping rates automatically calculated by the carriers, which is beneficial for small businesses with limited resources to protect their profits. 

SHOPLINE is currently integrated with OneShip and is accommodating more carriers. For more information, please refer to SHOPLINE App Store.


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Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates

The shipping rate is automatically calculated by the third-party carriers at checkout based on the details of the order. This ensures that you charge your customers the exact amount that a shipping carrier will charge you for engaging their service and purchasing of shipping labels.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Shipping and Delivery.


  2. Under Shipping rate settings, click the group you want to add the shipping rate calculated by the carrier.


  3. Under the Shipping zone, click Add a shipping rate.


  4. Choose Use a carrier or third-party app to calculate rates.

  5. In the drop-down menu, select the carrier for which you want to add the calculated shipping rate. 

  6. Under Services, select the shipping option you want to offer your customers at checkout.

  7. Optional: You can choose to notify customers when you add a new shipping option, simply enable Automatically activate new services.

  8. Optional: Under Processing fee, you can choose to mark up by a percentage or fixed amount based on the shipping rate calculated by the carriers. This cost can be used to cover your packing or admin fees.

  9. Click Save.


Note: Before using a carrier or third-party carrier to calculate shipping rates, please install the carrier app.



Precautions for Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates

When using carrier-calculated shipping rates, you are required to also enter the exact weight for each product in order to provide customers with accurate shipping rates at checkout. For details on how to set product weights, please refer to Product Management.

Carrier shipping rates are calculated only at checkout and depend on different factors such as shipping origin and destination country/ region, product weight and size, and delivery time. As a result, shipping rates cannot be displayed before checkout, which can lead to cart abandonment when customers encounter unexpectedly high shipping rates at checkout. If the carrier-calculated rate does not meet your expectations, check if the weight and packaging dimensions of the products in the cart are correct.

In addition, you should confirm the following information:

  • All addresses are valid in the carrier services, including both the sender and recipient addresses.
  • The Package Settings used to generate shipping rates must not exceed the minimum and maximum requirements based on your carriers. Ensure the parcels are not oversized or too heavy to generate accurate shipping costs. Each carrier and service type may have different specifications.



FAQs about Carrier Services

  1. Why is Indonesia’s Shipper logistics not found in my store?

    Whether a store can use the specific carrier services depends on your store region, checkout currency, and whether the corresponding carrier app is installed. If no services are available, check if your store’s default address and settlement currency are within the service's country region.

    For example, to use Shipper logistics in Indonesia, ensure that:
  • The settlement currency of your store is the Indonesian Rupiah.
  • The default address of your store is Indonesia.
  • The Shipper app is installed.


  1. Why does the carrier I use have no test rates?

    SHOPLINE currently only supports Shipper and OneShip test rates.



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