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Shipping Rates calculated by carriers


It is recommended to have customers pay all shipping costs to protect your profits.With Shipping Costs auto Calculated by Carrier, you can charge accurate shipping rates at checkout.


Currently, SHOPLINE has cooperated with the carrier Shipper (based on ID) and the third-party logistics application OneShip (SHOPLINE's platform logistics) to provide order fulfillment services and real-time shipping rates calculation services.


Activate the shipping rates calculation

Step 1:Log in to the SHOPLINE portal, navigate to [Settings] > [Location], [Add a location], choose one as the default location, which determines the shipping services available to you.

Note:You can set your warehouse or a drop-off point as the default location.




Step 2:  Navigate to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery], go to [General shipping rates][Custom Shipping rates] and click [Shipping rate setting].

Click [Add shipping rates],tick [Use a Carrier or third-party app to calculate rates] and select a carrier or the third-party app.





Step 3:Select the shipping services you would like to provide to your customer, configure the Procession fee, and click [Done].



Step 4:Remember to click Update to complete configuration of Carrier freight rates. At this time, multiple shipping options from OneShip are displayed for customers at the store checkout page.




  • Shipping rates are calculated based on the recipient address (entered by the customer), product information and size and weight information. To improve the accuracy of shipping rate, please make sure that the product information is as complete as possible.
  • Before using a carrier or third-party app to calculate rates, please install the application in advance. You can go to the SHOPLINE APP Store to find the application and complete the installation.
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