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Order Fraud Risk


SHOPLINE offers fraud analysis tools that help identify potentially fraudulent orders. It is important to review high-risk orders to prevent potential chargebacks due to malicious intent. Shipping goods for high-risk orders could lead to chargebacks, resulting in losses of both goods and funds. 

Credit card companies may cancel transactions for stolen credit cards even after payment has been processed. SHOPLINE will assist you in gathering evidence concerning any disputed charges for your reference.

The fraud analysis tool is primarily designed to verify online payments when processing orders. This means that you will not receive fraud advice for orders processed offline.

If your store is on the SHOPLINE Starter plan, fraud analysis includes the following:

  • SHOPLINE platform metrics
  • Support for third-party anti-fraud apps (SHOPLINE App Store apps)

If your store is on a advanced plans, fraud analysis includes the following:

  • SHOPLINE platform metrics
  • Support for third-party anti-fraud apps (SHOPLINE App Store apps)
  • Anti-fraud recommendations



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Fraud Analysis Indicators

SHOPLINE’s fraud analysis provides indicators for each order that can be used to investigate potential fraud. These indicators might include:

  • Verifying whether the CVV code provided by the customer is correct.
  • Assessing basic information used to place the order such as IP, account, and device.
  • Evaluation of detailed shipping information, such as order email and phone number.
  • Analysis of location of order placed versus the delivery location.
  • Detection of multiple payment attempts by the customer.
  • Analysis of the customer's historical behavior regarding order cancellations and risk level.
  • Risk judgments based on other operational behaviors/information of the customer.

A comprehensive order analysis lists all indicators, marked with green, yellow, or red icons to highlight different types of risks. Green indicators show common information related to the order. Red indicators highlight critical information that suggests potential fraud. Yellow indicators provide additional information that might be useful. These indicators offer suggestions on how to investigate the orders, clearly indicating the possibility of fraudulent activity.




Third-party Anti-Fraud Apps

You can download apps from the SHOPLINE App Store that help prevent fraud. The indicators and suggestions provided by these apps will be displayed alongside SHOPLINE’s fraud analysis for each order.



Anti-Fraud Suggestions

SHOPLINE’s fraud analysis provides insights on the risk of chargebacks due to fraud for all orders with online payment (credit card). It informs whether an order has a low, medium, or high risk of chargeback due to fraud. Orders that are mostly or significantly at medium or high risk will have a warning symbol next to their order number on the order list page. If an order presents a high risk of fraud, you might consider verifying the order, canceling it, or issuing a refund.

SHOPLINE’s anti-fraud recommendations are powered by machine learning algorithms that are trained on historical transactions from all SHOPLINE stores. These recommendations allow you to benefit from years of experience in detecting fraudulent orders. SHOPLINE is constantly improving these algorithms to better identify fraudulent orders.



Viewing Order Fraud Analysis

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Orders.
  2. Click the order numbers of the orders you want to review. Orders with medium to high risk levels will have an exclamation mark next to the order number.
    1 fraud indicator.png
  3. On the order details page, you will see the Fraud analysis section displaying a list of indicators and a button to view the complete analysis. If you are using a third-party anti-fraud app, you will also see its recommendations under this section. If 1-2 fraud indicators are detected, you are at Medium risk. If 2 or more fraud indicators are detected, you are at High risk.
    2 Fraud Analysis.png



Fraud Analysis in Progress

Fraud analysis typically executes and returns a result immediately, but in rare cases, the process may take a few minutes. If you see a message on an order that says fraud analysis is in progress, you can try refreshing the page or coming back in a few minutes. It is best to wait until the fraud analysis is complete before fulfilling the order.



Related Information

You can find the API documentation for order risk-related APIs below.

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