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Boosting Sales with Automatic Bundles


Get ready to boost your bottom line with the Automatic bundles feature in SHOPLINE's Product Upsells & Bundles app! This innovative tool recommends complementary items to customers as they browse their preferred products, enhancing the shopping experience. 

With this feature, our intelligent system automatically recommends relevant products based on your chosen method, enticing customers to add more to their carts. It's a win-win: enhanced sales strategies for you and a delightful shopping experience for your customers!

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have installed the Product Upsells & Bundles app from the SHOPLINE App Store. 


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Creating an Auto-Bundle Campaign

Follow these steps to tailor your automatic bundle settings to fit your unique sales goals:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Product Upsells & Bundles. Install the app if you haven’t already.

  2. On the Product bundles page, find the "Automatic tie-in sets" module and click Configure a set.

  3. Customize the bundle setup on the editing page to align with your sales strategies:

    3.1 Provide an appealing Bundle name, which will appear on the product detail page, shopping cart page, and checkout page.

    3.2 Select from four Recommendation methods
    • Most Clicked: Recommends products based on their click rates, pairing items frequently clicked together. It’s an ideal method for new or low-traffic stores to enhance product visibility and boost Units Per Transaction (UPT) for related items.
    • Most added to cart: Recommends bundle combinations based on historical add-to-cart data, pairing items often added together. 
    • Bestsellers: Recommends combinations based on sales data, bundling products frequently purchased together. It’s an ideal method for high-volume stores to pair hot-selling items for bundled recommendations.
    • Similar products: Identifies items with comparable classifications or tags, pairing products from different categories that share similar attributes like patterns, styles, or materials. It’s beneficial for new stores or products lacking data, allowing algorithms to recommend complementary items based on similarities.

3.3 Select the Number of bundled products, with the option to add up to 10 recommended products.

Note: If the algorithm lacks sufficient data for recommendation, the bundle may contain fewer items than the maximum number you set.


3.4 Offer a Bundle discount to encourage purchases:

3.4.1 Select the discount type:

      • Percentage discount: Enter the discount percentage customers receive when purchasing the bundle.
      • Fixed amount discount: Enter the discount amount customers save when purchasing the bundle. This amount must be less than the sum of the minimum selling prices of every product in the bundle.
      • Get the lowest-priced item free: Set the lowest-priced product in the bundle to be free. 

3.4.2 Set Promotion information display preferences. Select the option to Display the discounted price of a single product if desired. For the percentage discount type, you can also choose to display it as a percentage or as a converted amount.

3.4.3 Select the Action after ‘add to cart’ to determine the redirect page after customers click the buy button:

      • Enter checkout page: Customers will go directly to the checkout page after clicking the buy button, meaning they can only purchase the bundled product for this transaction.
      • Enter shopping cart page: Customers will be directed to the shopping cart page after clicking the buy button, where they can choose to check out or continue shopping.

3.4.4 Optionally, Exclude specific products you don’t want to be included in the auto-bundle recommendation campaign.

3.5 In the Bundle display module, choose where to showcase the bundle:

3.5.1 Click Edit in the "Bundle display" module.

3.5.2 Choose from three display positions in the pop-up window and click Complete.

Note: On the product page, customers can click on any item in the bundle to open a product popup, enabling them to view detailed information about each individual item.


3.6 Review the setting summary in the "Overview" module to ensure everything is correct. Then, toggle on the Enabled switch.

  1. Click Create to successfully set up the auto-bundle recommendation. 
Note: Bundle display order follows this sequence: Manual tie-in bundles > Automatic bundles > Global bundle recommendation.



Unlocking Auto-Bundle Success: Key Points 


Understanding Auto-bundle Recommendation Algorithm:

Automatic bundles employ data-driven algorithms to recommend complementary products to your customers. However, if there is insufficient product and sales data available, the algorithm may recommend fewer products than the maximum you set. If it cannot recommend relevant combinations, resulting in only one product, the auto-bundle recommendation will not appear in your website.


Excluding Products from Auto-bundle Recommendations:

You have full control over the products included in automatic bundles. Use the "Exclude specific products" module to prevent certain products from appearing in recommended combinations. If a customer browses an excluded product, no auto-bundle recommendation will appear. On the other hand, if they view a non-excluded product, auto-bundle recommendations for that product won't include any excluded products.


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