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Setting Up Free Shipping Discount Codes


"Free Shipping" is a popular promotional offer that eliminates shipping charges, providing customers with added convenience. This incentive is highly effective in attracting and retaining customers by removing a significant barrier to online shopping. Offering free shipping can drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and boost satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to the success of your business.

This guide will walk you through creating and managing free shipping discount codes in your SHOPLINE admin panel.


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Creating a Free Shipping Discount Code

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Discounts and click Create a discount in the upper right corner. 

  2. In the pop-up window, select Free Shipping from the Shipping discount section.

  3. Configure basic information for the campaign: 
    • Select Discount code.
    • Enter the Discount code:
      • To set a special discount code, such as BLACKFRIDAY or FREESHIPPING, enter the code directly.
      • To generate a discount code randomly, click Generate. A different discount code will be generated upon each click.
      • If you need multiple discount codes under the current discount rules, you can click the icon to select Bulk generate or Import.
    • Fill in Campaign name:
      • Enter a title for the campaign, such as "Black Friday Free Shipping."
      • Customers will see the campaign title on the landing page, the cart page, and the checkout page.
  1. In the Discount requirements section, specify the minimum purchase requirements for free shipping:
    • None: no discount requirements apply to this discount code, and free shipping is offered to customers who buy any product.
    • Minimum order value: The customer’s order value needs to reach a minimum amount to be eligible for free shipping.
    • Minimum order quantity: Customers need to purchase a minimum quantity to be eligible for free shipping.
  1. In the Specific regions section, specify the countries/regions where free shipping applies:
    • All countries and regions: The free shipping discount applies to all countries or regions.
    • Specific countries and regions: Click Select country/region and search for or click on the desired countries and regions.
    • If you wish to exclude shipping fees exceeding a certain amount, check Exclude shipping rates over a specified amount and fill in the maximum shipping cost that can be exempted with the free shipping discount. If the shipping fee exceeds this amount, this free shipping discount doesn’t apply. The amount filled in here applies to shipping fees only and is irrelevant to the order amount.
  1. In the Customer eligibility section, you can specify the customers to whom this discount code offer applies:
    • All: All customers at your store are entitled to use the discount code.
    • Specific customers: The Free shipping discount code is limited to specific customers. You can define these customers by searching for them or clicking on them directly from the list. The customer list displays the customer's name if available; otherwise, their email address or mobile phone number will be shown.
    • Specific customer groups: The discount code is restricted to specific customer groups within your store. Simply select a group from the list provided. The number next to each group name indicates the total number of customers in that group.
    • Specific member tiers: Customers in this membership level are entitled to use the discount code. You need to install a Member System to set customer levels. If you haven’t installed the app yet, you can’t create a discount code for a specific member tier.
  1. If you wish to limit the number of times the discount can be used, configure the following in the Usage limits section:
    • Total usage limit: Set the total number of times a discount code can be used. For example, if you set it to 100, the discount code can be used a maximum of 100 times collectively by customers, and each customer can use it multiple times.
      Note: If multiple discount codes are available for a campaign, this limit is the total number of times each discount code can be used in this discount code campaign.

    • Usage limit per customer: Set the number of times a discount code can be used by a single customer. This limit can be specified by the customer’s email address or mobile phone number. For instance, if you set it to 1, each customer can use the discount code only once.
      Note: If multiple discount codes are available, this limit applies to each customer for each discount code in the campaign.


  1. In the Stack discounts section, you can set the discount type that can be stacked with this campaign.

  2. In the Active time section, proceed with the following settings:
    • For a limited-time offer: Uncheck Never expires and select a date and time for the discount code to expire.
    • For an ongoing promotion: Leave Never expires checked to keep the discount code valid indefinitely.
  1. Click Add to create the discount code.


After creating a discount code, you can get a campaign URL on the page and use it for promotion. This link can be sent to customers via email or social media. By clicking on the link, Customers can quickly purchase campaign products through the link you share, and discount code will automatically apply at checkout.



Disabling a Free Shipping Discount Code

If you wish to end a discount code campaign, click Turn Off in the upper right of the discount code details page.


When a discount code is disabled, customers are no longer entitled to use the discount code. You can re-enable this discount code at any time.

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