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Automatic Discounts: Discount on Nth Item


If you wish to motivate customers to purchase more products without remembering or entering a discount code, you can create an automatic discount so that customers can enjoy a discount on Nth item when they purchase a certain quantity of items. 

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Creating an Automatic Discount on Nth Item

This type of discount can be applied to the entire order or specific products. To create a discount on the Nth Item, follow these steps:

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Discounts > Create a discount and,  in the pop-up window, select Discount on Nth Item under Order discount or Product discount.
1-0 DonN.png

  1. Fill in the Campaign name:
    1-1 DonN Campaign name.png
    • Enter a title for the campaign, such as “Buy 2 get 50% off the lowest-priced item”.
    • Customers will see the campaign title on the landing page, the cart page, and the checkout page.
  1. In the Discount setup section:
    1-2 DonN setup.png
    • For discount type, choose Specific price or Discount amount, and enter the percentage or amount that can be taken off the purchase value when the customer purchases an eligible quantity below.
    • Item Purchased: Fill in the minimum quantity that customers need to purchase in order to be eligible for the discount.
    • Add tier: You can add discount tiers for an automatic discount.
      • You can set up to 10 tiers for a campaign.
      • Customers will enjoy only one tier’s discount, specifically the value corresponding to the tier of the promotion for which they qualify.
  1. If you are creating an automatic discount for products, specify the product range to which the discount applies in the Applies to section.
    1-3 DonN applicable products.png
    • Specific product category: Click Select a category to specify the product categories applicable to the discount, and then click Select.
    • Specific product: Click Select product(s) to specify products applicable to this discount, and then click Add. A maximum of 500 products can be selected.
    • Specific variant: Click Select product variants to specify the product variants applicable to the discount, and then click Select. A maximum of 500 product variants can be selected.
  1. In the Customer eligibility section, select the customers to whom this automatic discount applies:
    1-4 DonN customer eligibility.png
    • All: All customers at your store are entitled to the discount.
    • Specific customers: Only selected customers are entitled to the discount. You can specify these customers by searching for them or clicking on them directly from the list. The customer list displays the customer's name if available; otherwise, their email address or mobile phone number will be shown.
    • Specific customer groups: The discount is restricted to specific customer groups within your store. Simply select a group from the list provided. The number next to each group name indicates the total number of customers in that group.
    • Specific member tiers: Customers in this membership level are entitled to the discount. You need to install the Member System app to set up customer levels. If you haven’t installed the app yet, you can’t create a discount for a specific member tier.
  1. If you wish to limit the number of times the discount can be used, configure the following in the Usage limits section.
    1-5 DonN usage limits.png
    • Total usage limit: Set the total number of times a discount can be used. For example, if you set it to 100, the discount code can be used a maximum of 100 times collectively by customers, and each customer can use it multiple times.
    • Usage limit per customer: Set the number of times a discount can be used by a single customer (based on the customer’s email address or mobile phone number). For instance, if you set it to 1, each customer can use the discount code only once. 
  1. In the Stack discounts section, select the discount type that can be overlaid with this campaign.
    1-6 DonN stackable.png
  2. In the Active time section, proceed with the following settings:
    1-7 DonN active time.png
    • For a limited-time offer: Uncheck Never expires and select a date and time for the discount to expire.
    • For an ongoing promotion: Leave Never expires checked to keep the discount valid indefinitely.
  1. Click Add to create the discount code .



Disabling an Automatic Discount on Nth Item

If you wish to end an automatic discount campaign, click Turn Off in the upper right corner of the discount details page.

When an automatic discount is disabled, it is no longer automatically applied to customers. You can re-enable this discount at any time.
2-1 turn off拷貝.png


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