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Introduction to Themes on SHOPLINE


SHOPLINE supports multiple theme templates for free. From them, you can select one to customize your website.


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Selecting a Theme

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Online Store > Design > Theme shop. In SHOPLINE theme shop, different versions (OS2.1, OS2.0, OS1.0 Pro, and OS1.0) of the theme are identified for the distinguishing purpose. The theme in OS 2.1 has been optimized in terms of website features, SEO friendliness, and design openness. It is recommended that you select the theme in OS 2.1.

    For specific differences among these versions of the theme, you may refer to the following table about their function comparison between Online Store 2.1 and Other Versions.
    Name Detailed Description OS2.1 OS2.0 OS1.0 Pro OS1.0
    Customizable Full-page The original version of the theme only supports adding components on the homepage. The upgraded version supports adding components on other pages, enabling quick design. Customizable settings on all pages other than the checkout page Customizable settings on all pages other than the checkout page It supports the product detail page, product list page, blog page, blog category page, and custom page. It supports the homepage only.
    Mobile Device Customization Compared with the original version, the upgraded version offers greater freedom in distinguishing designs between mobile and PC versions.

    It supports multiple styles such as image, width, and layout.

    It supports flexibly customizing the product detail page.

    It supports flexibly adjusting the component and page spacing.

    It supports multiple styles such as image, width, and layout. It supports image style. It supports image style.
    Creating a Template

    It supports creating a template: For the original theme, all products can only be customized in the same style. Creating a template allows for applying different styles to various products/blogs/custom pages for design.


    Adding Dynamic Source

    It supports adding dynamic sources.

    It supports adding texts (single-line text and multi-line text), images, URLs, numbers, colors, JSON, and other dynamic data in the product and product list pages. For example, offer different text descriptions for different products.

    For a detailed description of features, please click here.

    Performance The website created using different themes may affect overall website performance, including website open speed and user browsing experience.

    PC: 99

    Mobile: 90+

    PC: 90+

    Mobile: 70+

  2. Click on the suggested filters to select a suitable theme based on categories.



Designing Your Store

After selecting a theme, click on the Design button in the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the theme editing page.




Subsequent Steps

For details about how to design the header, footer, product detail page, product list page, etc. for the current theme, please refer to Store Design.

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