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Saved Reply


You can save frequently used information as pre-prepared replies, so that when a customer inquires something similar, you can make use of these saved replies to facilitate your processing, improving your efficiency and ensuring consistent and accurate responses. In this article, we may refer to these saved replies as “quick replies.”


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Managing Saved Replies

You manage saved replies in the Messages channel.

Adding Replies

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages, and click the Go to settings button next to Chat Assistant.
    1.1.1 Channels _ Messages _ Go to Settings.png
  2. In the Settings details page, go to the Saved reply tab and click on the Add a quick reply button.
    1.1.2 Saved reply _ Add a quick reply.png
  3. The Select library content pop-up window opens. Messages in the library with the status being enabled (toggle turned on) are listed here, allowing you to select and add them as quick replies.
    Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 12.53 1.png
    If this is your first time adding quick replies, you need to click the Manage content library button in the upper right corner or the Create content button in the middle to create content in the library and enable it. Once done, return to the Saved reply tab and select the desired content from the Select library content pop-up window. Create content (first time).png

Deleting Replies

To delete a quick reply, go to the Saved reply tab and click the trash bin icon from the same row of that reply. Deleting a quick reply doesn’t remove the content library record.

Editing Replies

Clicking the pencil icon from the same row of that reply takes you to the Content Library tab, where you can manage the quick replies. For more information, see Content Library and Shortcuts.
1.3 Editing replies.png



Sending Saved Replies

Once you have set up your quick replies, you can apply them when replying to customers' inquiries.

  1. Go to the Messages channel and click the View your message button in the upper right corner.
    2.1 Messages _ View your message.png
  2. The Message Center panel opens in a new tab. Click into the chat room with the customer.
  3. The chat box is displayed in the middle pane. Clicking the message icon at the bottom of the chat box opens the Saved reply pop-up window.
  • Select the quick reply you want to send. The content automatically populates the text box, where you can edit for customization. Please note that directly deleting quick replies in this pop-up window is not supported.
  • Clicking the Manage button in the upper right corner of the pop-up window opens the Saved reply tab.
    2.2 Saved reply.png



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