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Message Center: Setting up Ice Breakers for Instagram


You can streamline response time, enhance session efficiency, and promptly address customer inquiries by configuring ice breakers and transitioning from text-based to clickable queries.


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Setting up Ice Breakers

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages and click the Go to settings button next to Instagram Settings.
    1-1 go to ig.png

  2. In the Settings page, go to Instagram settings > Ice Breakers section and click Create Ice Breaker Questions.
    1-2 create IG ice breaker.png

  3. In the pop-up window, input the question and auto-reply messages, then click Save to complete the addition.
    • It supports 4 ice breakers, with a maximum of 80 characters per entry.
    • It supports 2 types of auto-reply messages: text (up to 500 characters) and button. It also supports inserting dynamic parameters like Customer name. Additionally, it allows the configuration of 3 button texts and URLs.
      1-3 ice breaker content.png



Managing Ice Breakers

The ice breakers you set up are disabled by default; you would need to enable them by turning on the Switch onIce Breakers button. Furthermore, created ice breakers are arranged in the order of creation time and can be adjusted by dragging and dropping them to desired position. You can preview the content by hovering your mouse over it and can also modify, delete, or enable an ice breaker.
2-1 turn on IG ice breaker.png



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