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Auto-Renewal Service Agreement

Updated and effective on 22 December 2022


For purposes of this Agreement, "Member System" refers to the Member System party identified in the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that entered into the relevant agreement with you for the provision of the Services. Member System provides you with automatic renewal services on its website and applications (the "Services"). To use the Services, you must review and comply with this Auto-Renewal Service Agreement ("Agreement"), the Terms of Services, the Privacy Policy, and other relevant agreements and business rules. Unless otherwise expressly stated, your use of the Services is governed by this Agreement.

You are not authorized to use the Services unless you have reviewed and accepted each of the Terms. Your use of the Services constitutes your agreement to be bound by this Agreement. If you are under 18 years of age, please review this Agreement with a legal guardian.

1. Service Description

1.1 The Services is an automatic renewal and debiting service if you are enrolled in a subscription plan. By accessing the Services, you authorize Member System to debit the balance of your account with third-party payment account or credit card linked with it (collectively, the "Account") for the next billing period when your service period is about to expire. This service is only possible if you have linked your payment account to the Account through which we can successfully debit. You will be responsible for the consequences (including but not limited to termination of service, store cancellation, deactivation, etc.) of any failure to renew the service period due to insufficient balance in the Account.

1.2 You should review and agree to all of the Terms and all notices issued by Member System in connection with the Services before using it.

2. Service Usage Rules

2.1 Member System will debit the next billing cycle through your linked account and will record your payment after deducting the automatic renewal fee for the specified billing cycle selected by the user, following which the validity of your service will be extended accordingly.

2.2 In the event of any error in the chargeback process, you may file a complaint with Member System through the various channels provided by us, and Member System and you shall cooperate closely to identify the cause. Each party shall bear the loss caused by it in accordance with the corresponding degree of responsibility attributable to it.

2.3 Once you have chosen to use the Services, unless you voluntarily elect to terminate, your automatic debit entrustment to Member System shall be irrevocable and Member System will debit the renewal fees based on the payment method you select at the time you access the Services. The parties agree that Member System will not be obliged to refund any fees paid by you for any reason whatsoever.

2.4 Member System may change or amend the content, rules, and the terms of this Agreement based on its business development or technical upgrades. Member System will post such changes or amendments on its website as appropriate, but is not obligated to provide a separate notification to you. If you do not agree with any amendments to this Agreement, you may cancel the Services and discontinue using them; if you continue to use the automatically renewed Services provided by Member System, you will be deemed to have accepted all amendments to this Agreement.

2.5 You may cancel or terminate the Services by unlinking your bank card or turning off the function on the relevant page. If you do not cancel or terminate the Services, you will be deemed to have agreed that Member System shall make a direct debit without needing any further instructions from you.

2.6 If the amount payable by you through the Auto-Renewal Services is adjusted before the auto-renewal date, Member System will post the change on the relevant page before the deduction and, after obtaining your consent, proceed to the deduct the updated amount.

2.7 Member System does not charge you any additional fees for accessing the Auto-Renewal Services, but Member System reserves the right to determine whether to impose additional fees for the Auto-Renewal Services based on business needs or market changes, etc..

3. Discontinuity or Termination of the Services

3.1 This Agreement is effective upon your election to accept or use the Services and shall continue until you terminate the Services/use of the Member System.

3.2 Member System shall have the right to immediately terminate the Services to you and shall not be liable to You for any of the following grounds:

(1) If a legal instrument in force from an administrative or judicial authority of competent jurisdiction confirms that you have committed a violation of law or infringement of rights, or if Member System determines, based on its judgment, that your conduct is suspected of violating the contents of this Agreement or the rules of use or other content published by Member System from time to time, or is suspected of violating the provisions of laws and regulations.

(2) Your conduct interferes with the normal operation of any part or function of the system.

(3) Member System believes that there is a material risk in providing the Services to you.

3.3 Member System may choose to suspend or discontinue the Services for reasons such as its own business decisions. Member System will notify you by way of an announcement if such an event occurs.

3.4 You have the right to choose to terminate the Services at any time on the relevant page and Member System will cease providing the Services to you immediately upon receipt of such instruction. Any instructions you have given Member System to automatically renew the Services before choosing to terminate the Services will remain in effect. Member System will not refund any fees deducted based on such instructions.

4. Related Rates

4.1 If you make a payment in a currency other than the official currency of your location, Member System will convert the amount due in your current currency based on the cost of your chosen services and the exchange rate published online by us for that month. The exchange rate at the time of the deduction will be the rate published on Member System's website at the time of the action.

4.2 You agree that you will be responsible for all costs that may be incurred as a result of using the auto-renewal feature, including but not limited to handling fees, service fees, etc.

5. Other Agreements

5.1 Any matters not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the contents of the Terms of Services.

5.2 If you have any questions about the contents of this Agreement, please contact us for consultation through the contact information listed in the Terms of Services.

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