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Send Customer Invitation


From your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can invite customers to activate their accounts at your store. You can send individual invitations or batch invitations to customers who haven’t signed up. When you import customers from other platforms or when you do it manually, the invitation email can help you send customer invitations to remind customers to activate their accounts.



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Sending Individual Invitations

Refer to the following procedures for sending individual customer invitations:

  1. To send invitations, go to your SHOPLINE admin panel and click on Customers. Find the customers you want to invite and click to open their details page.
  2. Click Send invitation  button on the upper right corner, you can see the recipient and email information in the pop-up window.

    • Recipient information:
      • If the customer already has an email address on file, it will be automatically filled in, and you won't be able to change it.
      • If this customer doesn’t have an email address yet, this field is left blank. You can manually enter the customer’s email address and send the message. When you send a customer invitation email to this address, the email address will be automatically populated in the customer’s profile which you can edit later.
    • Email preview: You can preview the email message in the pop-up window. If you want to edit the message content or add discount information to the invitation email, you can click on the Customer activation email template in blue below the email preview and edit the email template on the corresponding page.


    Note: In the details page of customers who haven’t signed up, you will see the Send invitation button in the upper right. If the customer has already signed up, you won’t see this button on the customer details page.

  3. After finishing editing, click Send.



Sending Batch Invitations

In the customer list page, you can send batch invitations to those who haven’t signed up or those you select via email.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Customers > Segments, and select the customer segment(s) you want to send invitations to in a batch.
  2. Click Use segment > Sending registration invitation to customer > Send now

  1. You can select the recipient(s) and preview the email message in the pop-up window.
  2. After finishing editing, click Send.
Notes: If your SHOPLINE store is currently in the trial period, you can send a maximum of 1,000 customer invitation emails in a batch. If the number of emails you send is more than 1,000, you will be prompted as follows: Send failed, limited quantity of free emails reached.
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