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UGC Multi-Language Translator

UGC is short for User-Generated-Content. On the SHOPLINE page, the content represents the text you give to your resources, such as product title, product description, blog title, and blog description. The UGC Multi-Language Translator app enables you to edit your UGC field’s multi-language on a visual page. This article will detail how to use this app.


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Customizing Multi-Language Translation

To quickly customize the multi-language translation, you can follow the steps below:

Selecting the Resource to Translate

You can install it under Apps > App Store > Multi-Language Translator, after which you can find Multi-Language Translator in My Apps.


After completing the app authorization, you will see the resource list page in the app. At this point, you can select the resources you want to translate. Currently, the app supports translating the following resources:

SHOPLINE Resources Sub-resource Type
Product Product
Online store Custom page
Blog posts
Blog category
Store policy
Store meta fields
Templates Static template components
Theme templates
Theme settings
Marketing and discounts Announcement Bar
Product Upsells & Bundles
Cart Upsell - Progress Bar
Automatic discounts
Discount codes
Other resources Payment method


Selecting the Language to Translate

After selecting the resource, you can see the market selector and language selector in the upper right corner. 

You can select the language to translate by using these two translators.


Here are some examples:

  • Suppose you have three markets: China, the United States, and Southeast Asia.
  • Suppose you have two store languages: English and Chinese.
  • You want to translate the title of product A to “Beautiful”.

If All supported markets and English are selected, it means a general translation of product A for all markets. After translation, the title of product A is displayed as “Beautiful” in China, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

If a market (China, for example) and English are selected, it means localized translation of product A for the Chinese market. After translation, the title of product A is translated into “Beautiful” in China and is not translated for other markets.

If general and localized translations coexist, the results of the latter will be displayed as a priority.


Translating a Specific Resource

After selecting the target language, you can translate the resource selected.

Note: After translating a resource, remember to save it. Otherwise, the translation result will be lost. After saving it, the translation result will take effect immediately on the page. Therefore, it is recommended not to check the display for language not fully translated in the market but to check till it is fully translated.




Automatic Translation Limits

The UGC Multi-Language Translator app enables automatic translation of all UGC resources at the site or a resource at once. For technical limitations, only two languages are supported for automatic translation per store. You can view the language translated in the automatic translation popup.


Note: After translating two languages, you can continue translating the two languages you have selected, but you can’t choose other languages for translation. For translation into more languages, please contact your account manager.


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