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Tracker - Logistics Tracking App

Tracker is a comprehensive app that helps you enhance product repurchases and establish ongoing intimate connections with consumers. It integrates parcel tracking capabilities and access to merchant coupons, allowing consumers to easily track the logistics trajectory of their shopping orders within the app and conveniently get in touch via email. Tracker has integrated with over 1000 international logistics providers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, LaserShip, OSM, YRC, SEKO logistics, etc. Its comprehensive logistics tracking capability can readily serve the vast majority of users in various areas. Consumers can add parcel information they need to track anytime, anywhere, relieving your inquiry workload.


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Function Highlights

  1. Real-time Logistics Tracking

    • Currently, Tracker has interfaced with over 1,000 international logistics providers, capable of helping customers track the delivery status of their packages in real-time. Customers can enable delivery status notifications in the app, so as to receive logistics updates in real-time.

  2. Interfacing with Multiple Platforms

    • In the Tracker app, customers can connect to major platforms: Gmail, Outlook, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, Wish, SHEI, and Temu. Currently, customers can correlate their Gmail or Outlook mailboxes to obtain waybill numbers in messages in real-time and automatically create packages. Moreover, customers can link to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, Wish and Shein in Tracker. By making relevant settings in Tracker, customers can synchronize orders from major e-commerce platforms in real time for one-stop management in Tracker.

  3. Coupon Browsing

    • Tracker allows you to configure relevant coupons and display them on the Tracker App, which showcases store discounts, promoting exposure and guiding consumers to revisit and make repeat purchases at the store.

  4. Custom Store Styles

    • With Tracker plugins, you can use the storefront function of this app and configure banners, logos, descriptions, contact information, and product information for display in original styles in Tracker. In the Tracker app, customers can browse your store details, or browse products and place orders. It helps attract customers' attention to your store, thus promoting repeated purchases at your store.



Guidelines for Merchants

  • App installation


    • Click Apps and search Tracker in the App Store.
    • The Tracker app can be used after installation.


Notes: The Tracker team will evaluate whether stores meet the criteria to use Tracker based on the store's country, region, operational status, and fulfillment efficiency. If you have any concerns, please contact us via email at tracker.user.service@gmail.com.


  • Displaying Tracker on the checkout success page


    • Open Tracker App and click Settings
    • Enable Configure the checkout success page
    • The Tracker will be automatically displayed on the order success page, and the order information for the current store will be automatically synchronized, allowing consumers to check the logistics tracking information. At key points in logistics delivery, Tracker will automatically send email/ SMS notifications to consumers, relieving your customer inquiry pressure.


  • Displaying discount codes in the app


    • Customers can view the current store discount codes in the app. If they copy the discount code, Tracker will automatically guide them to the merchant's store.
    • Enable Configure discount codes to display in the app and click Configure discount code. Select relevant discounts in the configuration pop-up window.


Notes: To ensure that customers can browse and use discount code(s) of the current store in the Tracker app, you should configure the discount code(s) to be valid for all viewers and all products.


  • Displaying discount codes to display in the "Order details page" in the app


    • When customers track logistics updates, the app can recommend discount information about the current store to promote repeated purchases.
    • You can select a discount code from the "Coupon code sources" to showcase a discount code prominently in the order details to maximize exposure.


Notes: In order to display discount codes in Order details, the Discount acquisition channel should be successfully configured and valid.


  • Configure App storefront decoration


    • After enabling the APP store decoration, the store will be displayed in the Tracker app in its original form. 
    • You can optimize your storefront decoration, and configure products that you wish to promote and display, so as to promote repeated purchases and provide customers with an improved browsing experience.



    • You can click on Custom store in the upper right corner to configure storefront decoration. At present, Tracker supports you to configure the following items:

Configurable Items Explanation
Home banner You can upload images here. Currently, the recommended size is 1125x684 pixels, and the image file should be in webp, png, jpg, or gif formats less than 3 MB.
Shop logo You can upload logo images here. Currently, the recommended size is 1125x684 pixels, and the image file should be in webp, png, jpg, or gif formats less than 2 MB.
Store description You can enter relevant highlights of your store. Currently, a maximum of 80 characters are supported.
Contact information Currently, Tracker will take the customer service email address of your store by default for email communication between you and customers. You can also modify the customer service email address in Tracker.
Product list You can configure it to display relevant product information of your store in Tracker.
  1. Displaying all products by default: All products that are activated and for sale online are automatically displayed.
  2. Set product categories and display them by category. Products in the current category should be activated and for sale online.

Notes: All products, images, and content assets you configure via the app storefront decoration must comply with Tracker's service agreement as well as applicable laws and regulations of relevant countries/regions.



Guidelines for Customers


  • How to Use Tracker

    • Adding waybill numbers for logistics tracking: Customers can enter waybill numbers and carriers in Add Shipment to track the delivery status.
    • Authorizing an email address for logistics tracking: Customers can correlate a Gmail/Outlook email address in Import From, and Tracker will automatically identify and acquire waybill numbers in new messages for logistics information tracking.




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