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Product Bundle Management


The Product Bundle Management feature offered by the "Product Upsells & Bundles" app allows you to search and oversee all bundles associated with a specific product. This capability helps you efficiently manage product marketing campaigns and make timely adjustments to align with your sales strategies.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have installed the Product Upsells & Bundles app from the SHOPLINE App Store. 


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Querying a Product's Bundles

To efficiently manage all product bundles associated with a specific item, follow these steps:

  1. In your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Product Upsells & Bundles. Install the app if you haven’t already.

  2. On the Product bundles page, find the "Product bundle management" module and click Query products.

  3. Click Select a product to expand the product list window.

  4. Choose the product you want to examine for its bundle combinations. Use the filters for searching if needed. Then, click Select.

  5. The query result will display all the bundles associated with the chosen product. View and modify the bundle modules as needed. 
    • Product sets displayed in prior of this product: This module displays the bundle currently featured on the product detail page. Click Preview the product to see it live or Modify settings of product set to adjust its configuration.

      Note: If no bundles are set to display on the product page, this module won't appear.
    • Manual tie-in bundles: This module shows all manually created bundles that include the queried product. Click Manage manual tie-in sales to access the full list or Modify settings of product set to edit a specific bundle.

    • Automatic bundles: This module displays the recommended bundle automatically generated for the queried product based on your chosen settings. Click  Manage automatic tie-in sales to edit the bundle.

      Note: This module won't appear if insufficient products are available for generating an automatic bundle or if the product is in the exclusion list
    • Global bundle recommendation: This module showcases recommended combinations set up globally for the queried product. Click Manage global recommendation to modify its settings.

      • If the queried product is in the exclusion list of the global bundle recommendation, this module won't display.
      • If the queried product is one of the bundled products you've set in the global bundle recommendation, it will be considered the main product and automatically excluded from the recommendation list.
      • If your global recommendation campaign has only one bundle product, and it is consistent with the product you are currently querying, the global bundle recommendation module will not be displayed.


Note: Bundle display order follows this sequence: Manual tie-in bundles > Automatic bundles > Global bundle recommendation.



Mastering Bundle Management: Key Points

Here are some important points to keep in mind when reviewing a product's bundles using the bundle querying tool:

  • Bundle Details: The query result displays various bundle information, including manually created bundles, automatically generated bundles, global bundle recommendations, and any associated add-on item campaigns.
  • One Product at a Time: You can only query bundles associated with one specific product at a time.
  • Bundle Visibility: If the product you're looking at doesn't have any bundles displayed on its product page, the Product sets displayed in prior of this product module will not show up.
  • Automatic Bundles: The "Automatic bundles" module may not appear if there are not enough products for automatic matching.
  • Exclusion Settings: If the product is set to "Exclude specific products" in either automatic bundles or global recommendations, the corresponding modules will be hidden.
  • Bundle Product Exclusion: If the queried product is marked as a "Bundle product" in global recommendations, it is considered as the main product for that recommendation and won't show up twice in the same bundle.
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