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Recruitment Landing Page

The first step in recruitment is ensuring you have a public page on your website that explains your Affiliate program and offers a signup link. Customize your recruitment page with your own branding and explain the benefits to make it stand out. This personalized touch will attract more people to join your affiliate program.



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Configuring the Recruitment Landing Page

Please check below steps for configuration: 

  1. Go to Affiliate marketing system > Growth > Affiliate Guide Page

  2. You can customize the following items:
    • Brand Logo
    • Page Title/ Heading
    • Banner Title
    • Banner Description
    • Campaign Poster/ Banner Image
    • Banner Button Text
    • Affiliate Program Benefits (Can be hidden )
    • Affiliate Program Description (Can be hidden)
  1. After the modification, click Update to complete the settings.


  • You can also click on the Preview button on the upper right to see how the page displays.
  • Click See how it displays button on the upper right corner of the Affiliate program introduction section 
  • You can hide Affiliate program benefits and Description sections from the page.



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