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Manual tie-in bundles

The manual bundle is based on manually selecting the combination of products to become a fixed bundle. Manual bundle is a handy setting if you have a few items that you want to bundle and sell together.


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  • There must be 2~6 products in a manual bundle, you can choose at least 2 products to combine, and you can choose up to 6 products
  • When a product has multiple manual bundles, the last updated bundle will be displayed on the product detail page of this product
  • You can set the bundle display quantity in the admin of the manual bundle, and a maximum of 3 manual bundles can be displayed on the same product detail page
  • The manual bundle will be displayed first on the product detail page, and then the automatic bundle; when the product has no manual bundle that can be displayed, the automatic bundle will be displayed
  • When any product in the bundle is abnormal, including the product being out of stock, off the shelf, or deleted, the entire bundle will not be displayed on the product detail page. You can see the corresponding exception prompt on the manual bundles' list page
  • Customers can only enjoy the bundle discount when they purchase in a complete bundle; if the customer only selects some products in the bundle for purchase, they cannot enjoy the bundle discount
  • When a customer enjoys a bundle discount, the bundle product cannot enjoy the automatic discount at the same time; but you can set it in the product bundles app to support the stacked use of bundle products and discount codes


Create manual bundles

1. In the SHOPLINE admin, go to Apps, select "Product Bundles" app

2. On the home page of the product bundles app, select manual bundles

3. Go in to the manual bundles list page, click Create an activity

4. In the bundle name section,enter a name for the current bundle,e.g.:Frequently Bought Together

  • Note:Customers can see this name in the product detail page, cart, checkout

5. In the product bundles section,select products for this campaign

  • Click "Select products", then select the bundle products (2~6) that are bundled manually, and click "Add"
  • You can adjust the main product of the bundle, click "Mark as main product", and the product you choose can be set as the main product
  • Only display the product bundle on the main product's page: If you only want to display the bundle information on the product detail page of the main product, you can check this option. If you do not set it, the product detail page of each bundle product will display the bundle

6. In the bundle discount section, configure offers that customers can enjoy when they purchase the complete bundle

  • Percentage discount: Enter your discount value, the percentage discount value that customers can discount when purchasing a bundle
  • Fixed amount discount: Enter your reduction amount, the customer can reduce the specified amount when purchasing the bundle, and the reduction amount you set must be less than the sum of the minimum selling prices
  • Fixed bundle price: Specify the price of the bundle, the customer will purchase the bundle at this price, the bundle price you set needs to be less than the sum of the minimum selling prices
  • Lowest-priced item free: When a customer purchases a bundle, the product with the lowest price in the bundle can be obtained for free, and this price is the discount amount of the bundle

7. In the product bundle purchasing method section,configure the page that customers will be redirected to when they click the button in the bundle module

  • Redirect to checkout: After the customer clicks the BUY TOGETHER button of the bundle module, he/she will enter the checkout page, and the customer can only purchase bundle products in this checkout
  • Redirect to the shopping cart: After the customer clicks the Add to cart button of the bundle module, it will enter the shopping cart, and the customer can purchase the bundle product and other products at the same time

8. In the bundle display section, configure the display position of the bundle on the product detail page

  • Optional: You can choose to display the bundle under the "Add to Cart" button or display it in full under the product module

9. Click Create


Configure display quantity

For manual bundles, you may want to display multiple bundles on the product detail page at the same time. You can set it on the manual bundles list page:

1. Above the list of manual bundles, click Display Quantity

2. Set the maximum display quantity (1~3) in the same product detail page, at least 1 bundle and maximum 3 bundles

When you set the maximum number of bundles on the same product detail page to be greater than 1, customers can see multiple bundles when browsing the product detail page; customers can switch through the tabs above the bundle product module, and each tab will display a bundle


Manual bundles list page

After you create a manual bundle, you can manage it in the manual bundle list and enter any manual bundle activity edit page


1. In the SHOPLINE admin, go to the Apps and enter the Product Bundles app

2. On the homepage of the product bundles application, click on the management activity of the manual bundles, and you can view all the manual bundles you created in the list

3. In the main product column, you can view the picture and name of the main product in the corresponding bundle

4. In the column of bundled products, you can view the pictures and quantities of bundled products corresponding to the bundle

5. In the type column, you can check the offer type of the corresponding bundle

6. In the column of total sales, you can view the current total sales of the corresponding bundle. When the bundle is included in the successful order, the sales of the order will be included in the calculation

7. In the Status column, you can view the status of the current bundle

  • Enabled: The bundle is enabled, and customers can see the latest manual bundle on the corresponding product detail page
  • Disabled: The bundle is disabled, and customers will not see this bundle in the store

8. In the Action column, you can click the preview icon to enter the product detail page corresponding to the main product of the event to preview the bundle

9. Bulk operation: You can also disable or delete bundles in batches; by clicking the check box in front of the main product column, select the bundle you want to operate in batches, click disable or delete after selection, and confirm; the corresponding activities will be bulk close or bulk delete

10. When your bundle is abnormal and no longer displayed in the store, you can see the abnormal reminder in the bundle list, and you can update the corresponding bundle


Edit manual bundles

In any status, you can edit the bundle information on the bundle setting page of the manual bundle; you can modify the bundle name, bundle products, bundle discount, bundle purchasing method, and bundle style


1. In the SHOPLINE admin, go to the Apps and enter the Product Bundles application

2. On the home page of the Product Bundles application, select Manual Bundles, search or select the bundle you want to edit in the list, and click to enter the edit page

3. Click Update after adjustment, your store will display the latest bundle information, and customers will see the latest bundle when they browse the store again

  • Please note: Orders that have already been placed will not be affected by the event update, and the offers that customers have already enjoyed will not be affected by the event update
  • Bundles that have been added to the shopping cart or entered the checkout page but have not yet been checkout will be subject to your updated bundle information

4. You can also disable the corresponding manual bundle at any time. On the bundle setting page, click the enable switch to disable the bundle. The closed bundle will no longer be displayed in the store, and the event status will become "disabled"


Search for manual bundles

If you want to check whether a manual bundle is currently set for certain products in the store, you can query the specified product through the bundle management in the product bundle application.


1. In the SHOPLINE admin, go to the Apps and enter the Product Bundles application

2. Click Query Products in Bundle Management

3. When you select a product, the bundle management will display all the manual bundles, automatic bundle, and add-on items where this product is currently joined. You can quickly view the corresponding activities and the current status of the activities here.

4. When you click "Modify Bundle Settings", you can redirect to the corresponding bundle editing page to adjust the specified bundle.

5. When you click "Manage manual bundle", you can redirect to the manual bundle list page to view all manual tying bundle.

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