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Affiliate Price Products

You can set the affiliate price for the product in your store, which customers can see when accessing your store through an affiliate link. Customers who access the store through a regular link (instead of an affiliate link) can't see the affiliate price you have set.

This article will go through how to set up an affiliate price and the considerations. 


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Steps to Set Affiliate Price Products

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  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps > Go to App Store.
  2. Search for Affiliate Marketing System and click Install.
  3. Go to the Affiliate price products page.
  4. Enable or disable Affiliate price for products in your store.
    • After setting the affiliate price for products, you need to enable it via Affiliate price for products.
    • You can disable the Affiliate price for products feature at any time without affecting orders that are settled or have been placed.
  5. In the Affiliate price products section, you can follow these steps:
    • Select the individual product for which you want to set the affiliate price.
    • On Affiliate price settings, configure the affiliate price for each product variant.
      • You can set prices individually or in bulk. This allows you to calculate the affiliate price for each product variant based on the retail price minus a percentage or fixed amount fee. You can also assign the affiliate price directly for multiple variants.
      • If you haven't set an affiliate price for certain variants, the default selling price will be used.
  6. Click on Create.



Considerations for Setting Affiliate Price Products

Before setting up Affiliate price products, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Once Affiliate price products are set, only customers who enter the store through an affiliate link can see the affiliate prices. 
  • When customers purchase affiliate price products, they can only combine them with discount codes and automatic discounts set within the store. Other promotions can't be used in conjunction with products sold at the affiliate price.


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