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Product distribution price

You can set distribution prices for the products in the store. When customers visit the store through the affiliate link, they can see the distribution prices you set and enjoy corresponding discounts. If the customer visits the store through the normal store link (non-affiliate link), they will not see the distribution price you set.


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Before setting up distribution price products, please review the following considerations:

  • After setting the distribution price product, when customers enter the store through the affiliate link, they can see the distribution price you set; if the customer does not enter the store through the affiliate link, but directly enters your store, then the customer will not see any distribution price
  • When setting distribution price products, you need set it one by one, and batch setting is not available yet
  • After setting the distribution price product, the customer clicks the purchase button on the product details page, and will directly enter the checkout page. The customer can only purchase one product at the same time, and cannot checkout with other products at the same time.
  • When a customer purchases a product with a distribution price, after the product enjoys the distribution price, it can only be stacked with the discount codes and automatic discounts in the store, and other activities will not be able to be stacked with the distribution price product


Set up steps

1. In the affiliate marketing system, enter the Discount page, click on product offer

2. Turn on or off the distribution price of products in your store

  • After you set the distribution price product, you need to "enable" the product distribution price. When your product distribution price store is "enabled", the distribution price you currently set can be seen by customers who enter the store through the affiliate link
  • You can close the product distribution price at any time. After you close it, you can still modify the distribution price settings, but these settings will not be displayed in the store; Orders that have entered checkout page or already placed will not be affected, and customers enter the product detail page after you disable this settings will no longer see distribution prices

3. In the Distributed Products section, make the following settings:

  • Select the product you want to set, only one product can be set at a time
    • Click "Add Product", select the product you currently want to set, and click "Select"
  • On the product distribution price setting page, set the distribution price for each product variant
    • You can choose to fill in separately, or you can set in batches, click the check box in front of the product variant, click to modify the distribution price, and then set in batches
    • If you have not set distribution prices for certain variants, then the distribution prices will be equal to the product selling prices you set by default

4. Click "Create"

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