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Multi-level Affiliate


Multi-level Affiliate is a widely used strategy for recruiting distributors, facilitating rapid store growth by harnessing a broad network of distributors. With multilevel distribution, every distributor within the store has the opportunity to recruit additional distributors, thus broadening the store's outreach to more customers across various channels and activities.

Upon establishing Multi-level Affiliate, each distributor can invite others as their sub-distributors. As these sub-distributors generate referral orders, the distributors themselves earn commission fees corresponding to the multilevel distribution system.

The Affiliate Marketing System supports the setup of Multi-level Affiliate. The platform offers data on the multilevel distribution network, allowing you to access information about the sub-distributors invited by each distributor. This feature provides valuable insights into your distribution teams, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your network structure and strategies.


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Explanation of Multi-level Affiliate Commission Fees  Tracing Method

When setting up Multi-level Affiliate within the Affiliate Marketing System, each distributor can invite multiple individuals to join as their sub-distributors. In this setup, you can designate commission fees for multilevel distribution, allowing you to define different commission levels - up to a maximum of 20 tiers. 


Mary, a Level 3 distributor in the image below, joins as a distributor by registering through your recruitment link. She then proceeds to invite Vivian, who becomes a Level 2 distributor. Vivian, in turn, invites Janey, who becomes a Level 1 distributor. Finally, Janey invites Susan, who becomes a Direct distributor in the image below.

If a customer places an order through Susan's distribution link, totaling $1,000, and the basic commission rate within the Affiliate Marketing System is set at 5%, Susan, as the direct distributor, will receive a commission of 5% x $1,000 = $50.

The other distributors, acting as Susan's superior distributors, will earn multilevel distribution tracing commission fees as follows:

  • Level 1 (Susan's superior distributor, who invited Janey), can receive a commission fee of 10%.
  • Level 2 (Janey's superior distributor, who invited Vivian), can receive a commission fee of 20%.
  • Level 3 (Vivian's superior distributor, who invited Mary), can receive a commission fee of 30%.

If you opt to base the commission fee distribution rule for multilevel distribution on the order amount from promotions, the commission fees that Susan's superior distributors can expect to receive are as follows (formula or image display):

  • Level 1 (Janey): 10% x $1,000 = $100
  • Level 2 (Vivian): 20% x $1,000 = $200
  • Level 3 (Mary): 30% x $1,000 = $300




Setting Up Multi-level Distribution

You can establish your own multi-level distribution rules using the distribution system. Here's how:

  1. In the Affiliate Marketing System, go to the Coupons & Reward page and select Multi-level.
  2. Under Commission distribution, set up the calculation method for multi-level distribution. Currently, there are three available options:
    • Based on order amount from referrals: Calculate commission fees based on the customer's order amount.
    • Based on order commission from referrals: Calculate commission fees based on the commission fees earned by direct distributors from customer-distributed orders.
    • Fixed commission: Distributors receive a specified commission fee regardless of the order amount.
  3. In the Multi-level rule section, set the commission fee rules for multilevel distribution.
    • Distributor level: You can set multiple levels for multilevel distribution, with a maximum of 20 levels.
      • The levels you set here determine the number of levels below each distributor and the number of levels traced upwards after an order is placed.
      • Lower-level distributors can invite multiple people. If you only set one level, you will only see the first-level sub-distributors of each distributor when viewing the multilevel distribution network.
      • If you only set one level, when a customer places an order through a specific distributor's link, the multilevel distribution commission fees will only be allocated to that distributor's immediate superior and won't be further traced upwards.
    • The rate of commission fees: Set a fee rate for each level.
      • If your multilevel distribution has only one level and the rate of commission fees for Level 1 is set to 0, the multilevel distribution will be considered closed.
      • If you want to enable multilevel distribution:
        • If your store has only one level set, ensure that the rate of commission fees /specified commission fees is not zero.
        • Or your store has multiple levels.
  4. Click Update.



Display of Multilevel Distribution Network

2 (1).png

Once you've enabled multi-level distribution settings, you can view the multi-level distribution network on each distributor's profile.


  1. Within the Affiliate Marketing System, go to the Affiliate Management page, click on any affiliate, and enter the affiliate's profile.
  2. On the affiliate's profile page, scroll down to the Affiliate network section to view the multilevel distribution network for that distributor.
    • Total invited people: The total number of people this distributor has invited under the current multilevel distribution settings.
      • The distribution system will tally the number of individuals who have registered as distributors through this distributor's invitation link and have been approved.
      • The distributor is not counted.
    • Total sales: The combined sales generated by all sub-distributors (total invited people) of this distributor under the current multilevel distribution settings.
    • Total commission fees: The distributor's total commission fees are earned from all sub-distributors (total invited people) under the current multilevel distribution settings.
    • Upper-level distributor: If this distributor is registered through another distributor's link, his or her upper-level distributor's name will be displayed. Clicking on the name will redirect to the upper-level distributor's profile.
    • Distribution level data ( display in sheet):
      • Distribution level: This indicates the corresponding level of the distributor's sub-distributors. The distributor's directly invited sub-distributors are classified as Level 1, while those invited by Level 1 distributors are classified as Level 2, and so on.
      • Total people: The number of distributors within this level.
      • Total sales: The combined sales brought in by distributors within this level.
      • Total commission fees: The total commission fees earned by distributors within this level.
      • By clicking on the icon under the Operate section, you can see detailed information about distributors at this level. This includes their names, emails, number of orders, sales, and commission fees earned.



Display of Multilevel Distribution Orders


When your store receives multilevel distribution orders, you can locate the corresponding data on the Orders page. These orders will share the same order number and are grouped. The primary order belongs to the direct distributor, followed by the multilevel distribution orders in descending order.

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