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Affiliate link

You can add UTM parameters to the sharing links of affiliates in the store. UTM is the abbreviation of Urchin Tracking Module, which is the five URL parameters used for marketing introduced by Urchin, the predecessor of Google Analytics. By adding Urchin campaign parameters to the URL, the analytics site can distinguish from which ad the current user entered the site, etc.

After you set the UTM parameters for the share link, you can also check the effect of the share link in GA.

In the following example URL, the part after "?" is the UTM parameter:



On this page


How to set up UTM parameters

You need to decide which variables to set for each UTM parameter. Before setting them up, you need to understand what each UTM parameter represents and how to use them effectively. You can also view the instructions at Google Analytics by clicking the link below:


You can add 5 different parameters to your link:

(1) utm_source (required): This parameter can tell GA where the user may come from, which can be a specific website, publisher, advertisement, news media name, social media name, or others

(2) utm_medium (required): Use this parameter to tell GA what advertisement or marketing medium brings users to the website, which can be CPC, banner, email, news, etc.

(3) utm_campaign (required): This parameter is used for keyword analysis, and the name of the strategic campaign or promotional campaign is identified through the campaign name parameter. Used to name campaigns and provide additional information on links clicked by users

(4) utm_term: This parameter is used to identify paid search, indicate and identify advertising keywords

(5) utm_content: This parameter is used for A/B testing or content-targeted advertising. Used to distinguish between different ads or links pointing to the same URL



  • utm_source=google
  • utm_medium=email
  • utm_campaign=affiliate


Add UTM parameters for affiliate link

1. In the affiliate marketing system, go to the settings page and click the affiliate link module

2. Enable shared link settings

  • Before you set it, you need to enable "Add UTM parameters for shared links"

3. In the Add UTM Parameters for Shared Links section, select the link for which you want to add UTM parameters

  • The system provides different sharing links for affiliates, among which the default sharing link cannot be deselected, and the landing page of the sharing link is the store homepage
  • In addition to the default link, the system will also provide the affiliate with the link of each product and the link of the affiliate's favorite product page, you can choose according to your needs

4. In the UTM parameter setting section, set 5 UTM parameters

  • 3 required parameters must be configure, 2 optional parameters can be empty
  • Variables are provided below each input box, you can click to select them and add them to the parameters

5. Click Update


After you set it, you can view the default sharing link on the affiliate detail page, and there will be UTM parameters behind the link;

After you complete the settings, the sharing link obtained by the affiliate in the affiliate's personal center will also be a link with UTM parameters;



As you set your UTM parameters, review the following considerations:

  • If before this, the affiliate has generated a shorten link and shared it; the generated shorten link will not be automatically updated, so UTM parameters cannot be tracked, and the shorten link needs to be obtained again for sharing.
  • After you set the UTM parameters, the default link of the affiliate will change; the shared link will not be updated by default, so UTM parameter tracking cannot be performed, and the latest link needs to be shared after updating.
  • When you fill in the UTM parameters, the special characters entered in each parameter only support "-" or "_" or "{}", spaces and other special characters do not support setting
  • Please avoid setting UTM parameters that are too long. When the UTM parameters are too long, it may cause the affiliate link becomes too long and cause an error
  • For the variables provided by the affiliate system, the same variables can only use up to 2 times in one UTM parameter
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