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Discount Activity Data Overview: Boost Sales with Insights


Monitoring your discount activity data empowers you to track essential metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI. By analyzing this data, you gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This guide introduces how to access the activity data and explains the key metrics, equipping you with the knowledge to create more effective campaigns and drive sales for your store.

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Accessing Your Discount Activity Data 

To view data for a specific discount activity, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Discounts section in your admin panel. Click on any metric module at the top to enter the Data overview page.

  2. Within the Data overview page, find the Activity data section and click on the desired activity.

The specific activity data page will then display the overall performance of the activity, including key metrics data, sales and order amounts for the last 30 days, along with details of participating orders.



Understanding Discount Activity Data

This section delves into the metrics and information presented on the activity data page, providing insights into your discount campaign's performance.


Data Overview

Data Overview highlights key metrics that provide a high-level view of your campaign's effectiveness.

Metric Description
Sales Total sales amount generated from orders participating in the discount. This figure is adjusted for returns and refunds.
Orders Total number of orders participating in this discount activity.
Discount amount Total value of discounts applied to valid orders during the discount activity.
ROI Indicates the return on the discount investment. Calculated by dividing the total sales by the discount amount.
Average transaction value Shows the average amount spent per order during the discount campaign. Calculated by dividing the discount activity sales by the total number of orders.
Unit per transaction Reflects the average number of items sold per order during the discount activity. Calculated by dividing the number of items sold in the activity by the total number of orders.


Note: When analyzing these metrics, consider factors such as discount type, target audience, and overall marketing strategy.



Activity data of past 30 days

This section provides a visual representation of your campaign's performance over the last 30 days. A line chart displays the sales and order trends, enabling you to identify peak sales periods and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Tiered discount details (if applicable)

For automatic discounts with tiered structures, this section presents a detailed breakdown of sales data for each tier. Analyze this information to understand which tiers performed best and identify opportunities for optimizing your tiered discount strategy.

Metric Description
Tiered discounts Information about the tier discount, including the discount threshold and discount value .
Orders Total number of orders participating in this specific automatic discount tier.
Sales Total order amount generated by orders participating in this automatic discount tier.
Discount amount Total amount of discounts applied to orders that participated in this automatic discount tier.
ROI Return on Investment for this specific discount tier, calculated by dividing the tiered discount sales by the tiered discounted amount.
Gift card sales data If an order includes gift card products, their data will be calculated separately.
  • Gift card revenue: Total sales revenue generated from gift card products in orders participating in this automatic discount tier.
  • Gift card quantity: Total number of gift card products purchased in orders participating in this automatic discount tier.
  • Gift card discount amount: Total amount of discounts applied to gift card products in orders participating in this automatic discount tier.



Order detail

This section offers a detailed breakdown of each order involved in the discount activity, including customer details, product quantity, order and payment status. It helps you understand customer behavior during the discount campaign.

Metric Description
Order No. This order number corresponds to the one displayed on the order management page.
Order date The date and time the order was successfully placed.
Customer Customer information associated with the order, including name, email address, or mobile phone number.
Product quantity The total number of items included in the order.
Sales  The total sales amount for the order. This figure is adjusted to reflect any refunds that may have occurred.
Discount amount The discount amount applied to the order based on the discount activity.
Order status The current status of the order (e.g., processing, shipped, delivered).
Payment status The current status of the order payment (e.g., authorized, paid, refunded).


By analyzing the data within these sections, you can gain valuable insights into your discount campaign's effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. This knowledge empowers you to create more targeted and successful discount campaigns in the future.


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