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Migrate to SHOPLINE: Shopify

The Shopify store one-click relocation app is part of a suite of tools that makes it easier for you to migrate your online stores to SHOPLINE. Using the Shopify store one-click relocation app, you can import customers, products, orders, custom pages and blogs to your SHOPLINE store.

In this guide, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to migrate your store to SHOPLINE from Shopify.


If you need help migrating to SHOPLINE, find out more information about our custom service migration packages.


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Configure Your Account and Basic Settings

Before you begin the migration process, there are 2 steps you need to complete. 

  1. Sign up for a SHOPLINE Account by following the steps in the article "Creating An Account in 3 Minutes".
  2. Complete the initial setup: store name, store address, store region, currency, and other general store settings. 



Granting Access from Shopify

Before you migrate your store data from Shopify, you will need to grant access from your Shopify account and copy the API secret key.

  1. Proceed to Shopify Admin panel and click on Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps. In "App development" page, choose Allow custom app development

  2. Click Create an app and fill out the field App name (you can fill in the name of the app or any name of your preference). The system will provide some warning and information on the next page. When you finish reading, please choose Create app.



  3. The new page was created using the name that you wrote down previously. On this new page, you need to proceed to Configuration and configure the "Admin API integration". Manually grant access to all categories in "Admin API access scopes" and click Save to save the settings.


    Migrate to SHOPLINE (Shopify) 13.png   
  4. Proceed to API Credentials on the same page and choose Install app > Install.



  5. After installing the app, copy Admin API access token and API key.



Migrating Data from Shopify to SHOPLINE

  1. Head to your SHOPLINE admin panel and download the Shopify store one-click relocation app (Multi-platform Store Migration) in My Apps.
  2. Return to Shopify's Migrating to SHOPLINE page and fill in the required information:
    • Migrate the store handle: Fill in your Shopify handle (e.g. If your handle on the Shopify panel is, fill in owlcafe in the field)


    • API key (APIKey): Enter API Key you obtained from Shopify when granting access


    • Admin API access token (Key password): Enter the API token you obtained from Shopify when granting access



  3. Select the data you wish to migrate from your Shopify account and click Start migration.

    • Client: Basic customer information, such as customer name, mobile phone number, email number, user address, etc.

    • Commodity: Basic product information, including product name, price, description, product map, specification information, classification, and product classification binding relationship, etc.

    • Store logistic delivery: Only supports the relocation of the general freight plan, and does not support relocation when there are both general and custom plans

    • Custom page: Custom page data migration

    • Blogs: Blog collection, blog page data relocation

    • Metafield: Metafield data relocation

    • 301 redirect: 301 redirect link data relocation



  4. Advance setting: Google shopping feed (Optional)

    • Google channel Sync: If select Google channel sync, you will have to input the product sales area code under Shopify universal ID format (e.g. if the product is targeted in the USA market, the code will be [US]).

    • Google shopping feed product ID formatting:

      • If select SKU as GMC item ID, ensure each variant has a unique SKU value

      • If select variant ID as GMC item ID, the variant ID will be generated by Shopify automatically, and if it is lost, performance history will also be lost

      • If select custom rules, you can customise your format. Supported with three custom parameters, {skuid}, {spuid} and {sku}



  1. Will my data be overwritten if the migration process is repeated?
    Yes. If you migrate the data of product A to SHOPLINE and edit product A in SHOPLINE admin panel and then migrate again using the Shopify store one-click relocation app, the system will overwrite the edited content on SHOPLINE when you import the data from Shopify. 
  2. Can my customers from Shopify use the same info to log in to their member account on my SHOPLINE store after the migration?
    Yes. however, customers will still be required to reactivate their accounts. You can send out a customer invitation through email to provide customers with a reactivate notification. Go to SHOPLINE Admin panel > [Settings] > [Notification] > Customer > Customer invitation.

  3. Will my existing customers be able to log in directly via their phone number?
    Yes. After sending out an email to reactivate their account, you can go to SHOPLINE Admin panel > [Settings] > [Notification] > Customer > Customer invitation.
  4. How will the Shipping fee settings migrate to SHOPLINE admin panel?
    SHOPLINE currently support shipping fees set for all products that are successfully migrated. The system is not able to complete successful migration if your Shopify products are tagged to specific shipping fees tagged to a particular product.

  5. Why are the numbers of customers displayed in SHOPLINE admin panel different from those displayed during migration?
    After migration, the system takes time to synchronize the data to the SHOPLINE admin panel. Data migration may take up to 1.5 hours.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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