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Flash Sales


Flash Sales are marketing campaigns designed to help you sell a significant number of products in a short period. You can also set purchase limits for customers during these promotions, such as limiting the maximum quantity that each customer can purchase for promotional items.

When creating a flash sale, you can set the promotional inventory and price for each product. You can also establish purchase limit conditions for the promotional items and decide whether they can be combined with other promotion campaigns, such as discount codes or automatic discounts.

Once you have created a flash sale, customers will be able to see the promotion on the product detail page. When customers add promotional items to their shopping cart, they will also see a countdown associated with the promotion, creating a sense of urgency during checkout. Additionally, you can add Flash Sales to your store's homepage to increase its impression and attract customers to purchase the promotional items, ultimately boosting sales.

After the flash sale generates sales, you can view the corresponding data reports within the Flash Sales app. These reports will help you understand the current sales status of the campaign and provide detailed order information for orders participating in the flash sale.


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