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Data Overview of Your Flash Sale Campaigns 


The data overview page provides a comprehensive view of your flash sale campaign performance, including total sales amount, order count, and discount amounts. It also offers detailed insights into individual campaigns and participating orders.


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How to Access Campaign Data

The campaign data page provides a summary of the campaign's performance and details of participating orders. Follow these steps to access the data: 

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Flash Sales. Click on any metric above the flash sale list to access the data overview page.

  2. To access the data for individual campaigns, locate the Activity data section and click on the desired campaign to enter its data details page.



Data Metrics for Flash Sale Campaigns

The campaign details page prominently features key metrics at the top, providing a concise summary of the campaign’s performance.

Metric Description
Sales The total sales amount from valid orders participating in this campaign. This figure adjusts accordingly when refunds are issued.
Orders  The total number of valid orders participating in this campaign.
Discount Amount The total discount amount applied to valid orders participating in this campaign.
ROI (Return on Investment) ROI = Campaign Sales Amount / Sales Discount Amount
Average transaction value (ATV) ATV = Campaign Sales Amount / Order Numbers
Unit per transaction (UPT) UPT = Number of Campaign Order Items / Order Numbers



Campaign Order Details

The campaign data page allows you to view details of orders that participated in the flash sale campaign. Each order has a separate entry.

  • Order number: Matches the order number displayed on the Orders section.
  • Order date: The date and time the order was placed.
  • Customer: Customer information for this order, including name, email address, or mobile phone number.
  • Product quantity: The total number of items included in the order.
  • Sales: The total sales amount for this order. This amount adjusts when refunds are issued.
  • Discount amount: The amount of discount applied to this order due to the flash sale.
  • Order status: The current status of the order.
  • Payment status: The current payment status of the order.


Exporting Data

You can export order details to a local file for further analysis. Here's how:

  1. In the Order detail section, click the Export button.

  2. In the pop-up window, select the data range based on your needs. 
    • To export all order data that is currently displayed in order details, select All orders.
    • To export data of orders in a specified status/payment status, you should first specify the orders you want to export and select the Orders for filter results option.
    • To export data of certain orders, check them before their order numbers and select the Selected orders option.

  3. Click Export to export the data. 


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