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Flash Sales Banner

After creating a flash sale in SHOPLINE, it will be automatically displayed on the relevant product detail page. Customers can view the countdown for the flash sale within the product detail page, enhancing the sense of urgency for the activity.

You can also customize the countdown style and copy, or modify the page to which clicking redirects to guide customers to purchase more products.




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Before You Start

  • Flash sales will be automatically displayed on the product detail page, and you have the option to disable this feature. When both the countdown and sales progress bar are disabled, the flash sales banner will no longer be shown on the product detail page.

  • If you have enabled the Display the progress bar feature, it will start calculating and displaying after the promotional items are sold. If there are no sales of promotional items on the current product detail page, the sales progress bar will not be displayed in the banner.

  • If you have set a countdown within the Countdown Timer plugin for the product, when the flash sale is active and the banner is displayed, the countdown within the Countdown Timer plugin will be hidden and not displayed. Two countdowns will not be simultaneously displayed on a product detail page.



Customizing Styles for Product Detail Pages

Please refer to below for setup steps:

  1. On the Flash Sales list page, select any flash sale data and click to enter the activity details page.

  2. Click the Edit button of the Custom style block, and then click the Product detail page tab.

  1. In the Promotion banner section, choose one of the two banner templates.

  2. In the Display settings section, select the elements you want to display:
    • Display promotion countdown: The countdown to the end of the activity will be shown on the right side of the banner.
    • Display the progress bar: After the promotional items start selling, the sales progress bar will be displayed below the banner.
Note: If you simultaneously disable the Display promotion countdown and Display the progress bar features, the flash sales banner will not be shown on the product detail page.


  1. In the Promotion text section, enter the copy you want to display in the banner.

  2. In the Redirect link section, make the following settings:
    • The flash sales banner will redirect to the marketing activity landing page by default. Customers will be redirected to the corresponding landing page when they click the banner.
    • You can set a custom redirect link. After selecting Custom, enter the page link where you want the customers to be redirected.
    • If you don't want customers to be redirected when clicking the banner, choose Not linked.

Note: This feature only works on themes below OS 2.1. In OS 2.1 themes, customers won't be redirected when clicking the flash sales product detail page banner.


  1. In the Color settings section, you can customize the banner color, upload a background image, or switch the toggle of Style follows the store's theme. After making adjustments, the banner preview will change in real time. Please save after confirming the color is correct.

8. Click Save.

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