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Product Tags

Product tagging is when keywords or phrases are assigned to products so that your products are easier to find within your store search function.

Product tags allow you to effectively categorize your products and set up storefront filters.
If you have a large number of products, product tags can help you to automate categorising products using these tags as filter conditions. With product tags, you can also enable product filters on your storefront that allow customers to navigate and browse products easily. 

Tags are not displayed to customers, but you can use tags to categorise products on your online store and organise search results for customers.


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Tag Types

You can create a custom set of tags for each section in SHOPLINE where tags are used. When you create a tag in a particular section, it will not be copied to the other sections where tags are used. 





Add and remove tags on a specific product’s detail page. Filter products by tag on the Product page. Use product tags as selection criteria when you’re building an automatic collection or as filters when you’re creating a menu. When a customer searches for a term that matches a product tag, the tagged product appears in search results by the tag will not be displayed to the customer.


Add and remove tags on a specific customer’s detail page. Create a customer segment on the Customer page to filter with the same tag. 


Add and remove tags on a specific Order detail page. Filter orders by tagging on the Orders page

Draft order

Add and remove tags on a specific Draft order’s detail page. When you create an order from a draft order, the draft order tags are carried over and added as order tags.


Add and remove tags on a specific Blog post’s detail page. Filter blog posts by tag on the Blog posts page. 


Review the following considerations for tags:

  • Tags that are associated with orders and draft orders can have up to 40 characters.

  • Tags that are associated with products, transfers, customers, and blog posts can have up to 255 characters.

  • Tags are not case-sensitive. For example, Approved and approved are the same tag.

  • You can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens in your tags.

  • Letters with accents and other symbols can exclude search results.

  • You can apply up to 250 tags to each Product, Customer, Order, Draft order, and Blogs.



Add A Tag

You can add tags to Products, Customers, Orders, Draft orders, and Blogs during creation or editing.

First, proceed to a specific details page of [Orders], [Draft orders], [Products], [Customers], or [Blogs] in SHOPLINE. In the Tags section, enter the name of a tag you want to add or choose View all tags to select the tags from the list of existing tags.


Product Tags 1.png


If you enter the name for a new tag, the system will automatically create a new tag for future use in the section.


Product Tags 2.png


Then, click Save to save the settings.


You can use the bulk product editor to help you update product tags in your store. 



Remove Tag

You can remove a tag from a specific details page by following this guideline:

First, go to a specific details page of [Orders], [Draft orders], [Products], [Transfers], [Customers], or [Blog Posts] in SHOPLINE and find the tag you want to remove. Then, click the “x” next to the tag that you want to remove. The system will automatically help you to remove this tag from the product; however, it is only removed from that particular product, transfer, customer, blog post, order, or draft order. Finally, click Update to save the settings.

For example, if you want to remove a tag (new-arrivals) from a product (Vintage Slub Cotton Crewneck T-shirt), you can go to the SHOPLINE Admin panel > [Product] > "Vintage Slub Cotton Crewneck T-shirt". In the Product settings section, proceed to Tag and click the "x" next to the tag you want to remove. Then, click the Update button at the end of the page to save the settings.

Product Tags 3.png



Filter By Tag

You can use the tags to filter the list of products, orders or blogs, and here are the steps for you:

First, at your SHOPLINE Admin panel, go to [Products], [Orders] or [Blog] from the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Find and click on the More Filters button. Then, enter the name of the tag you want to use as a filter. The system will automatically filter and display the results.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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