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Upgrading Your Subscription Plan


This article explains how to upgrade subscription plans for your store. You can upgrade your subscription plan anytime while operating your store. The changes will take effect immediately.


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Information about Subscription Plans

A store's subscription plans include current and next-period subscriptions. You can upgrade to a higher-tier subscription plan during your usage period.

  • Current period subscription: This refers to the subscription plan currently in use by the store during the current period.
  • Next-period subscription: This refers to the subscription plan the store will use in the following period after the current plan expires.
  • Change payment cycle: If you haven't renewed the subscription for the next period, you can click the Renew in advance button to purchase the plan for the upcoming period in advance. For instance, if your store is currently subscribed to the Essential Plan with monthly payments, you can change the payment cycle and subscribe to the Essential Plan with annual payments. This change will take effect from the next month.
  • Upgrade plan: If the features of your current or next-period plan do not meet your needs, you can upgrade to a higher-tier plan.
Note: You cannot downgrade a plan while it is in use. You can select your desired plan when renewing for the next period, which will automatically take effect after the current period ends.



How to Upgrade Subscription Plans

  1. Go to Settings > Plan > Upgrade Now in the Current plan section.

  2. Select the specific plan you want to upgrade to.
    001 1.png

  3. We will calculate the payment amount for the upgrade. Complete the payment, and the new plan will take effect immediately.

    You can click View bills to check payment details and billing periods. Refer to SHOPLINE Bill Overview for more information.
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