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Mastering Your Store Status

Improve your store management skills by understanding SHOPLINE’s store statuses. This article will explain the meanings and actions associated with these statuses, helping you to easily optimize your online store operations.


In This Article



Checking Your Store Status

Staying on top of your store status is essential for smooth operations. For a quick check, go to the Stores section in your store management admin panel. In the Store status column, you can review the statuses of all your stores under the same account.



Store Status Overview

This section provides a clear understanding of store status and its potential impact on your store's operations.

Status Description


The Open status signals normal store operation. Customers can make purchases, and store staff can manage tasks on the admin panel.


Closing your store temporarily restricts customer orders, but staff can handle store-related matters on the admin panel. Visitors to your closed store will see a designated announcement informing them of the temporary close.


Freezing happens when your store is temporarily inaccessible due to fee issues or violations. This affects both the online store and the admin panel. Common freezing reasons include unpaid transaction fees, plan expiration, store violations, and owner account cancellation. If frozen, find instructions on the admin panel to unfreeze.


Termination occurs when your store plan expires, preventing customer visits and staff access to the admin panel. Resuming store access is immediate upon payment.


Cancellation can only be initiated by the store owner. To reactivate the store within 60 days of cancellation, purchase a new plan. Beyond 60 days, reactivation is not possible.



Modifying Store Status

To modify your store status, follow these steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Basic Settings.

  2. Locate Store status to check the current status of your store. Click the drop-down menu to change the status as needed.
Note: Store status adjustments cannot be made if your store is frozen or terminated.
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