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Abandoned cart recovery emails

Abandoned carts occur when a customer adds items to a cart but leaves your store without completing an order. With abandoned cart recovery emails, you can remind buyers about incomplete orders. Each recovery email contains a list of products the shopper left in the cart and a button to complete an order. 

You can enable automated recovery email sending, send emails manually, or place orders from abandoned carts yourself. Automated cart recovery emails can be customised after customers abandon their cart, so the reminder is timely and relevant. You can also add a discount coupon to the email to encourage the customer to complete their purchase.

Each abandoned checkout can only send out each recovery email for one time within 24 hours.


Table of content


Understanding abandoned carts

Carts are considered abandoned when:

  • A customer has added at least one item to the cart.
  • A customer specifies their email address at the first step of checkout.
  • A customer closes the checkout page without completing the order.

In Order > Abandoned checkouts, you will find a list of abandoned carts, recovery status, number of emails sent and each detail on each abandoned cart:



In each incomplete order, you will find the date the order was abandoned, the customer’s name and contact detail, and the preferred shipping and payment option if a customer chose one. You will also see one of the following abandoned cart statuses:

  • Reminder email scheduled
  • Number of reminder emails sent
  • If successfully recovered

After you enable automated email sending, shoppers will get a reminder about incomplete orders in your store. Once customers receive and open the recovery email, they will see a short message from your store, the photo, name and price of abandoned items, and a link to complete the order. You can customise the email template to fit your brand. If you send emails manually, you can edit the message before mailing.

When a customer clicks on the link in the email and makes a purchase, the order will automatically receive the Recovered status on the Abandoned checkout page. It will also appear on the Orders page. The order will be considered recovered only if a customer clicks on the recovery link and completes the checkout. The abandoned cart will not be marked as recovered if a customer completes an order by returning to the website without using the checkout recovery link from their inbox. 



Enabling automated cart recovery emails

Automated cart recovery emails will save you time as you wouldn't have to track and recover each abandoned order manually.

After the automated recovery emails are enabled for the first time, SHOPLINE will send a reminder to all customers who abandoned their carts during

  1. After the first blast, the system will periodically send abandoned cart email reminders to buyers according to the settings.

  2.  The system will auto send will be postponed 24 hours if emails are sent manually.

  3. Abandoned orders only last for 90 days. After 90 days, you will not be able to reach the customer via email reminder.

To enable automated recovery emails:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Look for Abandoned cart recovery and click on Advanced settings.

  3. Enable Send abandoned cart email reminder automatically.




Adding discount coupons to automated cart recovery emails

To encourage customers to complete the order, you can add a discount coupon to the abandoned cart recovery emails. To redeem the coupon, a customer will need to copy the code from the email and enter it into the coupon field at checkout. 

To add the discount coupon code to automated cart recovery emails:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Look for Abandoned cart recovery and click on Advanced settings.

  3. Click on Send settings and click on create discount code or choose an existing active coupon from the drop down. Your coupon code should not be limited by a single use; otherwise, only one customer will be able to get a discount.

  4. Click Complete.


When a buyer clicks Buy now button from an email, they will be redirected to the checkout, where they can enter the code. To access the coupon field, your customer should copy the coupon code and paste it at checkout.




Customising automated abandoned cart recovery email template

The automated abandoned cart recovery email template is set up with ready-made content to fit any business. The email has a “Complete your purchase” subject and shows each customer a link to your store, a short message, an abandoned product photo, name and price, and a link to the cart.



You can customise the default template by editing the Brand logo, email subject, email description, marketing banner, button text, and email signature. 

Let’s say you want to change the email subject, re-write the text message, and add your brand logo to your abandoned cart recovery emails. 

To make an adjustment to a template:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Look for Abandoned cart recovery and click on Advanced settings.

  3. Click on Change template.

  4. Upload your Brand logo and click on Upload logo:
  • In our example, it’s a green owl. The changes will be saved automatically. 
  • In the Email subject, write your own heading. For example, You left items in your cart!

  • In the Default message for customers, enter your message.

  • Click Save.
  • Now your customer will receive abandoned cart recovery emails with your store logo, and your custom text and the email subject will be displayed as You left items in your cart! The rest of the email will remain the same, with a photo of the abandoned items and a link to complete checkout:



    Sending cart recovery emails manually

    Send a recovery email manually.

    To send a cart recovery email manually:

    1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Orders > Abandoned checkouts.

    2. Find the order that you want to recover, and click Send email.



    Turning off automatic abandoned cart recovery emails

    If you want to stop sending abandoned cart emails temporarily, you can turn off the active toggle on the Notifications page in your SHOPLINE store.

    To turn off abandoned cart recover emails:

    1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Notifications.

    2. Look for Abandoned cart recovery and click on Advanced settings.

    3. Toggle off Send abandoned cart email reminder automatically.

    You can always re-enable sending abandoned recovery emails.



    Get in Touch

    SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.