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Archiving Orders


When orders are completed (i.e., paid and shipped) or closed (no further actions are required), you can label these orders as archived for order management. Archived orders remain in your record but are not displayed in the order list. Displaying archived orders requires using filters. You can archive orders manually, or let the system do the work for you. The archiving actions are reversible.


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Archiving Manually

You can manually archive or unarchive orders at any time, regardless of their status, payment status, or shipping status.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to the Orders module.
  2. In the order list, select one or more orders that you want to archive, click More actions in the menu bar, and click Archive orders or Cancel archiving orders. Archiving changes the status of the selected orders to Archived; the other statuses (payment, shipment, etc.) and features remain unchanged. Archived orders are hidden in the display of your online store.
    cancel archive orders.png

By default, archived orders are not displayed in the order list. If you need to view archived orders, you can filter them by their order status. Click More filters in the menu bar, select Archived orders > Display orders from archive, and click Complete. The archived orders appear in the order list.

1.3.1 More filters.png

1.3.2 Archived orders _ Complete.png



Auto Archiving

When enabled, orders can be automatically marked as archived under specific conditions. Currently, the system supports automatically archiving orders that have been paid and shipped. To support archiving orders based on different conditions, refer to the Flow Automation App for customization.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Checkout settings.
    2.1 Settings _ Checkout settings.png

  2. Scroll down to the Order processing section, enable Archive orders automatically, and click Update to save the setting. The system will automatically archive orders that have been paid and shipped.
    2.2 Tick Archive orders automatically _ Update.png
Note: Archived orders can still be edited for products, after-sales service, status modifications, etc. The archiving does not restrict any relevant order operations. After unarchiving, the order's relevant status reflects the most recent updates. For example, if you archive an order that is in the Processing status and then cancel this order during the Archived status, then the order’s status will be Cancelled when unarchived.


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