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Canceling orders


Customers may want to cancel the order they placed and start a new one due to a variety of reasons, such as forgetting to enter the discount code, choosing the wrong style or size, or wanting to purchase additional products. In such circumstances, you can cancel their order from your SHOPLINE admin panel.

During the order cancellation process, the payment can be refunded and the products can be returned to the inventory.


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When Are You Allowed to Cancel Orders?

  • In most cases, orders can be canceled before shipment.
  • POS orders can still be canceled after shipment, but only by the cashier on the POS.



Canceling Orders

You need to enter the order details page to cancel it.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Orders and click the order you will cancel.
  2. In the order details page, click the Actions button at the top and click Cancel order.
  3. Different actions need to be taken depending on the order status.
  • If the order is unpaid and no goods are shipped, you need to choose whether to restock the inventory with the products in the order being canceled. Add notes for the order if needed.
    • If you choose to restock the inventory, the products will be returned to inventory and available for reselling.
    • If you choose not to restock, you will need to make a manual adjustment in the Inventory section. Inventory adjustment is unsupported in the order details page at this point.
    • No refund process happens.
  • If the order is paid and no goods are shipped, you need to choose whether to restock the inventory with the products in the order being canceled, whether to refund the customer, and whether to notify the customer.
    • If you select Refund, the system will issue a full refund.
    • If you select Don't refund now, the system won't automatically issue a refund. Since you can’t issue a partial refund during the cancellation process, select this option if you want to issue a partial refund after canceling the order, or if you want to make an investigation before issuing the refund. To avoid chargebacks, be sure to track any unrefunded orders for follow-up actions. 
  1. Click Cancel order once finished.




  • Canceling an order means that you stop processing it, and all subsequent operations will be terminated.
  • When you cancel a paid order, the payment status of the order will be changed to Refunded once it is fully refunded. When a refund fails due to problems with the refund method, you need to process the refund again (the payment status of the order isn't Refunded in this case), depending on the posting mode you choose. In the manual posting mode, the amount already paid by the customer but not yet posted will also be fully refunded to the customer.
  • After you cancel the order, the customer's points, eligibility for marketing campaigns, etc. will be returned/released and can be used again.
  • Credit card transaction fees won't be returned to you when you issue a refund.
  • Currently, you can cancel orders for customers from your SHOPLINE admin panel. If you want to allow customers to cancel orders directly in the store, you can install the Order Cancel Helper App to enable this feature. This App allows customers to cancel orders in the store themselves, which reduces the workload of customer service and may reduce customer's refusal to pay due to delayed fulfillment of the order. The customer's order cancellation operation can only change the order status, and the refund still needs to be reviewed by you. Currently, customers can only cancel orders in the store with the payment method of Cash On Delivery and the order status of Ready to ship
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